June 25th, 2005


More Geeky Than Usual

Are there any developers here that can help me out? When the Vertigo single was first released, the official website had a highly unorthodox
It probably annoyed most of you, but I naturally thought it was neat. There isn't an off chance anyone saved the source code, knows how to build it, or know of a fansite that uses it, is there?


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so, I was playing around with the pictures I took at the april 24 seattle show (a bit delayed, i know) and came up with:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

please note the adorable way in which larry leans into bono.

i personally don't swing the way of bono/larry, but it worked, so what the hell, right?

if you like it, go ahead and snag it - just credit me, if you would. mostly i just wanted to share, since the icon isn't really that good anyway. :)

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Does anyone have that Vertigo tour logo of the four members of U2 standing in front of the big V? I'm trying to make a bootleg cover, and I think that would be pretty good to use as a design.
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