June 28th, 2005

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Hi everybody. Remember me? I used to post large versions of my Achtoon paintings here, but after a few posts I stopped. Well, a month or two ago some people here asked me to post some more, and since I'm a teacher and it's summer vacation, I have plenty of time on my hands.

I think one of the main reasons I stopped doing this is...well, I lurk. It's fun to read the random comments people make about my cartoon when they think I'm not looking. Their comments are more genuine that way, and I'd like to thank everyone here who's said nice things about my work in the past. I still have other places where I can spy. So anyway, here's the new cartoon:


And behind the cut are Collapse )

Anyway. Hope you enjoy. :) I realize this is a discussion journal, not a graphics journal. Would you guys prefer it if I continue to post this stuff here, on the U2 LJ, or should those of you who want to see more friend me individually and I'd post them that way?
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Song of the Day

Today's Selection is...

"One Step Closer" from How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

A real slow song for u2, it feels like it never really picks up for me. Something monumentous could be at the very end once the drumming gets louder, but it never happens. I guess in that sense, the title makes perfect sense with the song as a whole. It's not one of my favorites from HTDAAB. I usually skip it.

It's yet another "personal" song from Bono. From an interview:
“I was talking to Noel Gallagher about my dad, who lost his faith toward the end of his life. And Noel asked, ‘Does he believe in God?’ And I said, ‘I don’t think he knows.’ So Noel went, ‘Well, he’s one step closer to knowing now.’ And I thought, ‘I’m going to write that song…’

Image hosted by Photobucket.comFor his restraint in the entire song and then the build up in the end (3:13).

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From the @U2 blog......

Croke Park DVD?

I don't know if you've been piecing together the various articles that have come out regarding the Croke Park shows, but it's sounding more and more positive about a DVD release (like Slane). First, Solo Too recorded the shows. Second, Matt from Canada had to sign a release after being brought up on stage during Party Girl during Dublin 2. Third, Peter McKenna, Croke Park's Stadium Manager, told the Belfast Telegraph in regard to what the GAA is paying for and what U2 is paying for: "The band carry all of the costs for the clean-up, pitch cover, and the cost of gardai but we've been responsible for food and drink, DVD rights and a percentage of the merchandise."

It was confirmed by various sources at Interscope Records that the band will be releasing a comprehensive DVD box set towards Christmas with what is anticipated to include Popmart - Mexico City, ZooTV - Sydney, Under a Blood Red Sky, as part of the box set. It has been mentioned that the entirety of the Brooklyn MTV Jammed recording will also be a part of that boxed set. One would think that they may include Croke Park with this comprehensive boxed set. All I can say is - Mom & Dad...you know what I want for Christmas!

HOLY SHIT! I guess they will release the Chicago dvd as a single release, which is fine with me. Exciting, Exciting, Exciting!
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Best Bass Performance (Fourth in a Series)

In our ongoing look at the best individual performances, we now move on to the second (but no less important) half of the rythym section in our favorite band...

Which U2 song is Adam Clayton's best performance on the bass?

Like all the other categories, there are several ways to come at this. Adam has a knack for pulling a very funk bass riff that takes over a song. But similarly, some of U2's best and most powerful songs only involve a few simple bass notes repeated ad infinitum (e.g. With or Without You)...yet the bass piece is no less a factor in the song being a classic. My choice:

New Year's Day

It's a hard pick because there are many choices, but Adam's bass rife owns and drives this song like no other. I've been to many U2 shows, and while I personally think NYD should have been retired from the live catalogue years ago, I'm always amazed at this bass line's ability to whip a crowd into a frenzy.

Honorable Mentions:

Love and Peace or Else
City of Blinding Lights
With or Without You
Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World.
Mark McKinney in KITH

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UK people. in case you didnt know...

itv 11:35pm
Cat Deeley joins U2 backstage as the band stop off in Manchester during their mammoth Vertigo world tour. Featuring in-depth interviews as the boys look back from their early days in Dublin to their global success today, live performances including Vertigo and Beautiful Day, and dressing-room preparations during the final moments before going on stage.
Bite your tail - Res


Please let me know if this request is out of line, I've only been here a very little while and I'm still learning how this community works.

But --

A friend of mine was telling me about a video. A very NICE video she says, of a lovely handsome man we all admire, walking down a catwalk -- in a fashion show.

My friend raved about this clip. My friend told me this clip was a 'to be seen or die' clip, if you love/admire this handsome, shy man. My friend tells me this video is just too much fun not to see!

My friend then informs me that, while this video is very cool, very amazing, very much of a MUST SEE NOW!!!! video.....her hard drive died and ate her copy and she no longer has any idea where to FIND this video.

...but its still an OMGYOUMUSTSEETHISVIDEO video.

*is now feeling very despondent and bereft*

Please....can anyone here help me?

Apparently, as I am told, Larry Mullen took part in a fashion show in 2000 or there about, and there is/was a video clip of it on the net. I cannot find it on my P2P service and my friend doesn't have it anymore, and cannot suggest where to look now....

I'm really hoping that, amongst such U2 fans such as yourselves, there is someone who can either be amazingly kind and share this with me, or be amazingly kind and point me to where I can find it.....?


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From RTE Today

U2 case against former stylist begins

28 June 2005 22:15
A former stylist with U2 has told the Dublin Circuit Civil court that items including a stetson and a pair of trousers were given to her by Bono following the Joshua Tree tour in 1987.

U2 are seeking to retrieve a number of items which Lola Cashman tried to auction in 2002.

Band frontman Bono denied the band is suing Ms Cashman because she had written an unauthorised biography about them.


Ms Cashman, 45, worked for the band for nearly two years in the 1980s.

During that time she created the band's look for their Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum tours.

The band claim the items were not hers to sell, and are suing for their return.

The stylist published the unauthorised biography of U2 last year.

The case will resume in the morning.
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