June 30th, 2005

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Where is a good resource to find the motivations behind the band's songs? Every now and then I'm listening to a song and I'm wondering why it was written, and I just haven't had my finger on the U2 pulse long enough to know.
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"Please" from Pop

Something told me to pick this song today over the other one I had chosen beforehand. Probably cause I saw a dirty truck that someone had written PLEASE on it's side.
Pop has it's misses, but it's good songs are gooooood. For lack of a better word. This one in particular has to grab you in some way or another. It's deep lyrics, a desperate cry for peace/true love of God.
It screams hypocrit.

Bono howls in this song again, and it hurts to hear it. In particular, the part where the music goes silent and all you hear is "love is not what your thinking of". Edge adds to the excellence, as usual. And the ending tickles me to no end. I love those simple three notes at the end.

Bass Master Adam Oh Adam! I love you! Your bass makes this song feel like it belongs in some gritty underground NY club where the cigarette smoke makes your eyes hurt.

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Ever notice that Bono's voice cracks when he sings "holy" at 2:30?
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hey all!

I'm looking to see if anyone has may 17th, 2005, nj 1? preferably in mp3 format since I have no clue what to do with this torrent stuff.

please and thank you and chocolate covered bono's and ben and jerry's ice cream!!!

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Does anyone know of a website that has screenshots of RATTLE AND HUM? Im going into the ciy tomorrow and we will be along the Embarcadero. I want to see pictures so I can find out exactly where it was that Bono spray painted "ROCK AND ROLL STOPS THE TRAFFIC" on the Justin Herman Plaza Fountain. Thank you!