July 1st, 2005


I finally got my hands on a MOJO magazine (and CD!). I just voraciously read through the entire article. I remember hearing 'Original of the Species' for the first time, and thinking it was Bono's ode to his eldest child. In the interview, it's said that the song is actually dedicated to Edge's eldest, Holly (Bono's god-daughter).

*waits for infinitely more informed people to discuss*
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My brother e-mailed this to me just now, it's a running setlist for Live 8 London that he found on a Madonna fansite.

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Looks like it's gonna be an awesome day. I can't wait! We're totally having a Live 8 party tomorrow ;P Like the geeks we are. Also, I totally figured U2 would be on early (and I've kept telling people that) as they also have a concert of their own tomorrow night.

Also, the site didn't say what time zones those times are from, so I have noooo idea.

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