July 5th, 2005


U2 in Poland

This from www.atu2.com

"If you're headed to see U2 play in Poland on Tuesday, fans there have organized what could become a cool effect for the shows. Fans with GA tickets are being asked to bring something red -- bandanas, towels, T-shirts, etc. Fans with seated tickets are asked to bring something white. During the show, during "New Year's Day" in particular, they hope to hold these red and white items in the air to form an image of the Polish flag."

For those of you that aren't aware, New Year's Day was written for Lech Walesa, who started the Polish solidarity movement, was a key (if not the leading) figure in ending Communism in Poland, and won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. After the fall of Communism, Walesa was elected President of Poland.

As I said in a recent post, NYD is pretty good at getting the juices flowing at a typical U2 show. I can only imagine how positively mind-blowing it will be to watch it performed in Poland. That will be a sight to see. Sorry I'm going to miss it.

Hats Ok for Bono & Co

From Sky News:

U2 have won back a Stetson hat and other items worn by Bono during the 1987 Joshua Tree Tour which had been taken by their former stylist.

The band had sued Lola Cashman, who attempted to put the Stetson, a pair of metal hooped earrings, a green sweatshirt and a pair of black trousers up for auction at Christie's in 2002.

At the Circuit Civil Court in Dublin, Judge Matthew Deery ordered Miss Cashman to return the items to the band within seven days.

He said he preferred the evidence of Bono, who told the court last week that he had not given her permission to take the items.

He noted in particular Ms Cashman's unlikely description of the final night of the Joshua Tree tour in Arizona in December 1987, when she said Bono had given her the Stetson hat while running around backstage in his underpants.

"It seems to me that Ms Cashman's version of events, the giving of the hat, is unlikely to have occurred," he said.

Neither U2, who are playing in Poland as part of their Vertigo tour, nor Ms Cashman were present in court for the judgment.
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Today's Selection is...

"Stay (Faraway, So Close!)" from Zooropa

I can't really put my finger on why I love this song so much. Maybe it "oh-oooooo" after the bridge that get's me. Or that some of the lyrics stand out so much and strike so true to so many people.
This part in particular:
You say when he hits you, you don't mind
Because when he hurts you, you feel alive.
Oh, is that what it is?

And this one of the most clever lines ever written. For me, anyways:
A vampire or a victim
It depends on who's around.

I love it oh so much.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Cause howling along with Bono is the highlight of my day.
Honorable mention to Larry for the ending. Air drumming is a must with the last note.
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Edited to add:
According to People magazine, the Entourage episode featuring u2 will air on July 31st. It is interestingly titled "I Love You Too"
It also said that it was Jeremy Piven (who plays Chase's agent, Ari), a longtime u2 fan, who convinced u2 to do it.
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June 24th Croke Park pic spam

I saw U2 at Croke Park on the 24th. At the concert I was very lucky to get inside the ellipse just a few feet from the stage (good thing because I queued around 8:30am - if I didn't make it I would have been upset with myself for the loss of sleep). :)

I positioned myself on Adam's side of the stage because he's so *guh* - so most pics include him in them. But there's also great pics of everyone.

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Just something that has been cropping up lately that's annoying me, so felt I should share with the rest of the comm and glean some opinions! :)

Anyway in the press over here especially during and after Live 8, whenever Bono was mentioned or U2 were mentioned, it was kind of strange. They do this a lot, I find. It's often when they act as if Bono's the only member of the band. A particular example was during a TV quiz yesterday and the question was 'Who performed Sgt Pepper with Bono AND U2?' But Bono's IN U2! It should really have just said U2, they were all there and they provided the flippin' music! This isn't anything to do with the band, obviously, just the media and press. I just get slightly annoyed when they treat the other 3 as if they're just 'the band, U2' when they're just as important. Sure, there are times when Bono is highlighted more and of course he is the recognisable face of U2 to people who might not know them that well, but at events like that and stuff, I dunno, I feel the others get overlooked and it's a shame cause they all make the band!

As I said nothing to do with U2 themselves. Just wondered what everyone thought about this!

I feel better for getting it out there anyway, lol!

From RTE Today

U2 wins legal case over memorabilia

05 July 2005 22:07
The rock group U2 has won its case against the band's former stylist, Lola Cashman, over the return of memorabilia.

The Dublin Circuit Civil Court ruled that Ms Cashman must return the items in seven days.

Judge Matt Deery said that it was extremely unlikely that a band as successful as U2 would have taken the case if the subject matter was not important to them.


The judge said Ms Cashman's account of being given a number of items by the band was unlikely to have occurred.

U2 had been seeking the return of a Stetson hat, a pair of metal hoop earrings, a pair of black trousers and a green sweatshirt, which were worn by Bono during the 1987 Joshua Tree tour.

The band took the case in 2002 after Ms Cashman attempted to put the items up for auction.

The two-day trial last week heard evidence from Bono, U2 manager Paul McGuinness, crew members and Ms Cashman.

During the trial, Bono had told the court that there was no way he would have given her the items.

However, Ms Cashman had claimed the items were given to her by Bono following the tour in 1987.

U2, who are due to play a concert in Poland this evening, were not in court to hear the verdict.

Congrats, boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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