July 6th, 2005

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"An Cat Dubh" from Boy

At this point, I've heard this song once, and I'm in love with it. *plays it again*. There's something a little creepy about the notes Edge plays along with the constant bass music Adam provides.
Even creepier when the xylophone starts. The music is just looming over your head. I can't really understand what Bono is saying in this song, so I leave it up to the lyrics to tell me exactly what he's talking about.
I think I read somewhere that he wrote the lyrics about Ali in the early days of their relationship?

FYI: An Cat Dubh is Gaelic for "black cat". (And yes I knew this before I heard the song...)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Cause you know what it very strangely reminds me of...Flash movie: Litterbox

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Is Bono growling mid-song?
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but i won't be no runaway

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This is a quote from Keith Urban saying what band he'd like to meet backstage at Live 8. I'm not a fan of Keith, but what he said really couldn't be any truer about this band and it's nice to see other artists recognizing this within the band :D

"U2. Hands down. They are absolutely the greatest band on the planet. I just can't say enough about how much they inspire people like me - and I think millions of musicians around the world - to never rest on your laurels, to continue to push yourself creatively. Gosh. As musicians they're inspiring. As a band staying together - that's inspiring. That's inspiring to people, to families, to relationships, that you can have that kind of intense pressure upon you and still keep it together and not break up; that's incredibly inspiring. I'm grateful that a band at that level has such a spiritual message. I think it's beautiful for all of us."
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Bono on Live 8 Edinburgh!

It's the Live 8 gig in Edinburgh tonight and Bono was on stage a wee while ago, introducing a video message recorded by Nelson Mandela and giving his usual passionate speech. He was at Gleneagles earlier with the leaders as well. Then he was just on my TV an even shorter while ago (looking gorge, though that is a separate issue!) being interviewed - in amongst the seriousness he said that in U2 you can do anything you want and not get fired - except play golf!

They mentioned him again so I'm not sure if he's on again later - will let you know if he is!

From RTE

Bono downbeat on G8 prospects

06 July 2005 22:33
Rock star Bono tonight delivered a downbeat assessment on the prospects of a G8 deal for African development at the Gleneagles summit.

After meeting with a number of political leaders, the U2 frontman said that while a lot had been accomplished, there was a sense that there was not a deal at the moment but he added that it was all to play for in the next 24 hours.

The band leader was speaking after he and fellow Live 8 organisers Bob Geldof and Richard Curtis held talks with the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and the Canadian Prime Minister, Paul Martin.


Meanwhile, leaders from the world's richest countries have arrived in Scotland for the G8 summit outside Edinburgh.

The leaders tonight attended a dinner hosted by Queen Elizabeth II.

Protesters had earlier proceeded with a march near the summit venue after a police ban on the protests was withdrawn.

Several thousand protestors marched to within five hundred metres of the perimeter fence around the Gleneagles hotel.

Missles were thrown at police by protestors.

Extra police were flown in by helicopter to the scene.

Earlier this morning, hundreds of protestors clashed with police in violence that broke out at around 4am in Stirling, about 15 miles from the summit venue, as protestors left a camp they had set up.

It saw running battles being fought with police as groups of demonstrators smashed cars with iron bars and hurled bricks at telephone boxes and through the windows of a Burger King outlet.

Riot police charged demonstrators when they blocked the M9 motorway for a time in an attempt to disrupt suppliers to the summit.
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