July 7th, 2005

Who Really Is The Fly?

I know this is far-fetched, but so my mind works.

I was watching "INXS-What You Need: the Video Hits Collection" and came across the vid for "Suicide Blonde". Did any one else notice that Micheal Hutchence's jacket in it is uncannily similar to The Fly's? Could it be that The Fly is Hutch or an exaggeration of Hutch?

Consider: it is well known that the two bands admired each other's work. They often praised each other to the press. They ran more or less in the same circles. Bono has written other songs directly described by him as tributes to Micheal Hutchence- including "Stuck in a Moment (You Can'y Get Out Of" and he regularly dedicates "Gone" to Hutch when it is played live. They were collegues, they were friends. And Bono continues to write about different angles on The Fly. Up to and including "Love And Peace Or Else" (or was it "Yahweh"? Here my memory fails me. it was the one he concisely explained as "The Fly goes to church."). Could it be that The Fly was a covert take on Hutch while he was living, and was continued after his suicide as Bono struggles still to come to grips with the loss?

What do you think?
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Pink Me

More random U2 tidbits

I couldn't sleep, so I decided to make this entry. I hope no one minds.

Firstly, The Million Dollar Hotel is on Cinemax this month. I haven't seen it yet, and even if Bono hadn't written it, it looks like it'd be the kind of movie I'd like, so I'll definately be watching it.
Umm, I have 10 different Cinemaxes, and I'm not sure which ones it'll be on, if you plan to try and catch it, I'd suggest checking your listings here.

I recently found a HUGE Elevation tour poster for $7 at a new & used music store. I was quite happy about it. I also had no clue just how huge it was going to be until I got it home and unrolled it.
Piccy of me posing with it
(Please ignore the random CDs hanging from the ceiling, they're purely decorative)

I had a rough day yesterday, and was in quite a bad mood, with a headache to boot. I had to go somewhere with my mother, and she wanted to listen to Beautiful Day. The song calmed me, and then something really neat happened.
We were at a stoplight when the song got to the middle eight. Everything around us almost echoed the lyrics. The trees ahead of us were deep green against a brilliant blue sky (See the world in green and blue). Everything felt so calm. We were soon going again as the song continued. Suddenly a pair of birds flew across the sky ahead of us (See the bird with a leaf in her mouth). Then we passed a graphics design company, the logo on their sign is the outline of a butterfly over a rainbow background (After the flood, all the colours came out).
It was amazing, and I felt so much better.

I fancy Bono. My mother fancies Bono. She fancied him years before I was even born. It's disturbing. We were discussing his height, and she made this comment: "I wouldn't care if he was two feet tall."

A friend of mine works as the editor for a small online newspaper. He asked me a couple of weeks ago if I could write an article for the paper, as they were short for the next two issues. I wasn't sure if I wanted to, but he said the magic words "You can write about U2!"
I ended up writing something, very, very long. And after seeing it, he probably wished he'd never asked me in the first place. Anyway, if you're interested in reading it, you can find it here. Third one down, just click the icon.
The article's not perfect, but close enough =P
(You guys are thanked down at the bottom, by the way!)

It also inspired an article I'll be writing for the next issue. I listen to Matchbox Twenty almost as much as I listen to U2. Writing that article made me realize I know way too much about U2, and that I know absolutely nothing about Matchbox Twenty.
The article will sort of compare two forms of obsession. Obsession for the music alone (as I am for Matchbox Twenty music) and obsession for the men making the music as well as the music (as I am for U2).

Ok, I think I'm done here.
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a pic from Croke 3

Just got back from the trip and wanted to share this pic with y'all, especially those who love Edge and Bono. It's my favourite of all I took at the Croke gigs.

When I get all my show pix up, I'll post a link for those who may be interested...

one in toronto

on u2.com there is quite a long post about the toronto shows. trying to coordinate something along the same lines as vancouver and other places have. encourage everyone to bring or wear a white shirt with 'one' painted, written, stenciled, typed, etc on it and the makepovertyhistory.ca and one.org sites on the back to be worn/shown during 'one.' pictures of one campaigns around the world

here is part of the first post for those of you without u2.com access:

The idea is this: show up at the concert with a white tshirt on which you've printed, felt penned, silk screened, or tshirt transfered, the word ONE in big black letters on the front. On the back, if you wish, put the two website addresses - makepovertyhistory.ca and one.org. Wear the shirt under your other shirt, or carry it in hand...and when Bono begins his speech before the song One, slip it on, or slip off your outer shirt, and reveal the ONE shirt to show your support of the ONE/MPH campaign.

great pics also fill the pages of the ONE/MPH thread as well - check it out.

let me know if you are going to the show in TO on the 12th - i'll be in the GA line!

SooHyun [UKISS]

ONE Africa shirts


Everyone who was interested in this thread. I am moving it over to my journal, mainly so it doesn't clog up this one and so that I can keep track of everyone who wants one :)

Thanks to evieangelique for the art and the original post!

I was also thinking of adding a tag line to the back of the shirts, for those who don't know what a tag line is, it sits about 3 inches down from the collar on the back of the shirt right in the middle, just something simple maybe "One Person. One Voice. One Hope. ONE" Or something that's related to ONE. I know we can't use lyrics from U2's One (which sucks) but anyway, any input would be great!

Anyway I am working on getting figures and what not, but anyone who wants one post here and I'll add you to my flist so you can see the updates on my journal.

Info on payments since I was asked: We're not selling them due to a possible copyright, all we're doing is everyone that wants one (or two or three, ect) is chipping in on the total cost and possibly shipping, which isn't that much. I'm gonna let this post and the one at my journal run at least over the weekend before I start contacting people via email to get sizes and how many they want, then I'll go and place the order and get the figures. If you haven't done so already, head over to my journal and post your email address in this post (yes it's xposter) that way I can contact you without clogging up journals.

Here are what they would roughly look like:

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Bono's "One" Shirt

Evidently I have far too much spare time on my hands. But damn, I really freaking wanted this shirt:

Problem is, it doesn't look like these are shirts that are going to be sold by the One Campaign (and the logo looks a little like the DATA one, so I get the feeling that this may have been a customised shirt for Bono.)

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Please don't spread round the base images that I've provided - it took me way too long to do this shit. Please link back to this post instead. Also, no hotlinking. Thank you.
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Today's Selection is...

"All Because of You" from How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb

This song has been in my head ALL day! Ever since I woke up. And then I mix up the original version with the album version. gah!
This song used to frustrate the hell out of me cause I would usually blast CoBL and then this high pitched guitar note would pierce my ears.
However, it really is one of the greater songs on the album. It should be near the top of Edge's resume because that guitar break in the middle is pure genius. Especially paired with Bono's scratchy "Waaaaa!"

sapphires13 posted a while back that the "I am" from the song is really a reference to Lord. Oh Bono, you clever little elf. Get me to sing about religion without knowing it...again.
I’m not broke but you can see the cracks
You can make me perfect again

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
No contest!

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And the video of course is a favorite of mine. Awesome. They played it before the Maroon 5 concert in West Palm Beach. I must have been the only person jamming. And I don't care.

I hope you all are safe tonight. I say a prayer for England this evening.
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SooHyun [UKISS]

Bono One Shirts part tres

If your name is on this list please contact me (either by replying here or at my journal) with your email address.

_imnotokay removed because this user no longer exists

And remember, I will only take orders until Sunday night, then it's off get to figures and prints. So hurry!!

52 people want shirts! w00t! We should pick a day and all wear them on the same day :) Also, for anyone with junk mail filters when I send the emails out on Monday they will be titled "Bono ONE/Africa Shirts" coming from ~*Ashley*~ wantedtwilight@hotmail.com
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