July 10th, 2005

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Song Of The Day

Today's Selection is...

“Trip Through Your Wires” from The Joshua Tree.

I am in love with this song. It’s one of my favourite songs off of The Joshua Tree, and that’s saying something. It’s disappointing how much this song is criticized as being “kiss-off” and “too light” , because I feel it fits in perfectly with the rest of the album.

I love Bono’s harmonica-playing-ness.

I’ve always liked the sound of Edge’s guitar in the background on this song; the intensely high part at around 1:35 in the song. And of course the yelps and howls in the song, and Edge’s harmony vocals. It’s so much fun to sing along to.

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    U2 - Trip Through Your Wires
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Vancouver 4/28

I have a bootleg recording of the 4/28 show in Vancouver, but the quality is pretty terrible. Does anyone know where I can find something less...well, crappy? :/

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Is it me, or is that new song out by Coldplay (the one with the video where they're all silhouettes in this room of multicoloured lit-up walls) a HELL of a lot like COBL, both in sound and video? I just got that impression the first time I saw the video for that song. I also remember hearing "Clocks" and saying, "If they're ever asked who their influences are, I'll eat my favourite boots if U2 isn't on top of the list." (1. My boots look better when not eaten. 2. I don't like the taste of boots.)

What's that song called, anyway?
U2 Vertigo2005 III

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