July 11th, 2005

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Song of the Day

Today's Selection is...

"I Will Follow" from Boy

If you were around in 1980, never hearing of U2, picked up Boy and listen to the first track on it, you would be an instant U2 fan. So much so that this song still holds up today. The song itself is craziness, conforming more to the title Out of Control. It's fast paced, energetic, danceable (just don't dance like Bono) and popish.
I annoyed my friends one day when the "your eyes make a circle, your eyes, yo-yo-your eyes, your eyes, yo-yo-yo yo your eyes!" part got stuck in my head and I kept repeating it subconsciously.

The song is a homage to Bono's mother, whom he lost in 1974, when he was 14.

Hands down, their best video ever. I don't think I've ever laughed so much by myself. I can reupload the video, if you'd like, or you can watch a small clip of it here. Click on "video"
Aww, it's cute Edge! Dance like no one is watching! It's the entire song, really.

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The new Live 8 footage? Muuuuch better. Full sets, commercial free...
Thanks, MTV and VH1 for FINALLY doing something right.

I loved the doves :)
Imagine one of those landing in your backyard, haha.
SooHyun [UKISS]

Bono ONE shirts

*UPDATED* If your username is listed below, please reply to the email I have sent to you. We are waiting on you. The sooner you guys get those emails to me the sooner you'll get your shirts.

evieangelique has a reason for not replying I'm just keeping her on the list so I wont forget.

If you have already replied, just let me know. I was having an issue with my excel program and lost some data so I may have not saved the fact that you did already reply.

Thanks :)
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All Because Of You

Whoa, I only just realised that "I was born a child of grace" is a reference to Bono being born on a Tuesday. I'm probably the last person to figure that out, but it made me go "Heh!" anyway. ;p
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