July 14th, 2005

SooHyun [UKISS]

ONE/Africa shirts

Yeah I'm getting tired of posting these so I know you guys are tired of reading them. Yest another list of no-repliers. This is getting old.

The sooner I get these emails back the sooner you get your shirts. You have need to reply unless I know your gone. I want to get this job in by Friday or Monday so I can have the shirts ordered and finished by the beginning of August, but I need you to cooperate and get replies to me as soon as possible. If you have to time update your journals you have time to reply to this email. Check the U2 community and my journal for updates and make sure your name stays off the "no email reply" lists!


Please reply to your second emails guys, come on. This is the last one before I send out order info. Igor (my boss and the person who books these types of jobs) is going out of town tonight which means I need emails from you by like noon my time (it's currently 8.30 am) so I can get this in on time.

Remember, the long it takes you to reply the longer it takes for everyone else to get their shirts.
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new member :)

Hi,I'm new here...but I'm not a new U2 fan..I'm actually really old...maybe about 5 years or so..

Sorry if this offends any U2 fans,but U2 is one of my favorites,but Green Day is my most favorite...I love them both.But U2 is really fantastic in a different way than Green Day.

Bono,I love this man,he's very wisdomic.He is good to others and he doesn't express his anger too much.I like him for saying that Billie Joe Armstrong is "a funny lad",and Billie Joe likes Bono too..they hung out at the backstage of the Grammys....
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Song of the Day

Today's Selection is...

"Wake Up Dead Man" from Pop

In a world where people are blowing themselves up to viciously kill U.S. troops handing out candy to children, I don't think a band could mourn over it better than with "Wake Up Dead Man." A Christian band, anyways.
When I picked up Pop, I started reading the lyrics to this song and was kinda disturbed by the "fucked-up." I really stopped reading after that. I don't know why it struck me so...maybe it was cause I hadn't heard Bono curse before. (Shut up.) The more I sat in my car thinking about it, the more I started to think about why he used that particular word (and I'm no prude when it comes to cursing, I just didn't think it had a place in a U2 album). The answer is that there's no other way to describe the world.
It's fucked-up.
And it's fucked-up badly.

To me, U2 was always about hope. A slim chance of hope in any kind of darkness. But sometimes the darkness needs to be acknowledge in a gritty, sugarcoat-less kind of way. In that sense, "Wake Up Dead Man" is more than just a prayer or a plea. It's a wake up to ourselves as well.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Excellent power chords.

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Sorry, I'm feeling particularly hopeless today after several talks about politics at work and at home.
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Perfect timing

Got something you'll laugh at, or maybe it's one of those things you had to be there for.

Yesterday I was driving along the Sacramento River on the way to a baseball game (AAA All-Star Game for anyone who's into interested - more in my own journal) and a friend and I were listening to the live show of U2's Red Rocks concert from back in 1983. Literally right after Bono led into "I Fall Down," someone waterskiiing on the river took a spill. You just can't buy moments like that. We couldn't stop laughing at the timing of it.