July 17th, 2005

it's a blue sky...

Song Of The Day

Moving on…

Today's Selection is...

“Hawkmoon 269” from Rattle And Hum.

I love this song. It has such an almost-humorous cowboy feel to it. And I love Edge’s background vocals.

My favourite bit of the song is when Bono begins yelling the lyrics, at “Like thunder needs rain!”. And of course the “And the heat of love in the heart,” at the end of the song.

Possibly the best non-musical part about this song is that no one has, to my knowledge, ever figured out what “Hawkmoon 269” actually means.

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Moving right along...

We now return you to your regularly scheduled U2 programming...

The Edge is on the cover of the latest Guitar World. Unfortunately, it's in a sealed package so I didn't get a chance to actually read the article.

From the Guitar World website:

As U2’s innovative guitarist, the Edge is no stranger to taking risks. Here, he reflects on his 25 years with rock’s most musically adventurous band.

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2 Stupid questions

Ok, to take our minds of the weirdness of the last few hours, I have 2 stupid questions. I ask because Google was no help to me.

First, what is the name of Larry's bodyguard and how long has he worked with Larry?

Second, what is the song that is played before the band stage on the Vertigo tour? I've read it as "Everyone" in somplaces. Is it possible to acquire this?

Thanks for your help!
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Poll: next HTDAAB single?

Just out of interest... which track from How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb do you think should be released as the next worldwide single, to follow Vertigo, SYCMIOYO and City Of Blinding Lights?  (N.B. All Because Of You has so far only been released as a single in North America, so I'm including that one as an option, though I suspect they won't be releasing it elsewhere.)

Poll #534256 Next HTDAAB single

Which HTDAAB track should U2 release next?

Miracle Drug
Love And Peace Or Else
All Because Of You
A Man And A Woman
Crumbs From Your Table
One Step Closer
Original Of The Species
Fast Cars
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