July 18th, 2005

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Song of the Day

Today's Selection is...

"40" from "War"

I really couldn't understand the mass appeal of this song before I heard it. I read the lyrics, and really didn't get it. But the song itself is so magnanimous in everything about it. The harmonies, the drumming, the irregular finger snaps, everything.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt's evident that Larry owns this song. But you can't deny Edge's background vocals. They make the song. It sounds like you are at church. A U2 church. His harmony with Bono is beyond perfect. Perhaps another award should go to the fans for this one. Every live performance I've heard of it moves me so much. "How long to sing this song?" in unison is such an uplifting sound. Almost like hearing "One" sung by many voices as one huge voice.
I can't wait to hear it in November.

Great song, great band. \m/

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The drumming has a "Bullet the Blue Sky" kind of sound to it, right?
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Bono ONE/Africa Shirts finale #2

*UPDATED 20 July, 2005* Alright, I'm not gonna be nice. If I do not hear from you by Wednesday I will consider your order for the Bono ONE/Africa shirts cancelled. I am placing the order Thursday. If you are on the following list you must contact me immediately with either the order form I sent out, a reason as to why you cannot get the information too me, or if you want out. If you didn't get the order form please reply and I will resend it. If your name is on the list and you sent the information, let me know. I may have moved it to the wrong folder.


This is the last call guys, hurry up. This is a one time thing, I wont be running these shirts, sure you can go and buy printer paper and print your own, but only for a white shirt. These are top quality shirts and ink. So again, hurry.

Thanks to those of you who did send your information in quickly. Quick response is a good response.

I will not know the cost of the shirts/production until I turn the order in, then Igor will give me the figures, I will then email each person individually to give them their total.

Say Igor charges me $5 per black $4 per white and you buy 2 black and 1 white, your total, FOR SHIRTS will be $14. BUT that does not include the cost of production. Which I will know when the order is placed. I will take that total divide it by the number of people buying shirts and then that number, which should be fairly small will be added to the $14 (in this case). But as you can cleary see, I will not know any of the cost information until the order is turned in. But once it is turned it I cannot make changes.

As for shipping I wont know until I do a post office run and get the weight and what not, but for the US it would prolly be between $5-$7. But I could be wrong.
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Only 24 hours: Act now to save AIDS programs

At the Live 8 concert in Philadelphia and G8 summit in Scotland, you called on eight powerful men to do more to help the world's poorest people, and they heard your call.

Today, in Washington, are you ready call on 100 U.S. Senators to do the same?

Two U.S. Senators have reached across political divides to ask the Senate to add $100 million to keep critical AIDS, TB and malaria programs running around the world. This amendment, proposed by Senators Rick Santorum, a Republican from Pennsylvania, and Dick Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois, would bring total U.S. funding for an important program calle d the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to $600 million - a one third share of what's needed to keep existing programs on the ground running.

The fund might have a long name, but what it does is simple: it saves lives. Without our help, the Global Fund may have to cut programs that have already begun to have a real impact, delivering prevention, care and treatment to millions of people around the world. Remember, AIDS kills 8,500 people every day, TB kills 5,000 and malaria kills over 3,000 in Africa alone - every day. Together, we can help fight back against these killer diseases.

Please call the two Senators from your state TODAY, let them know where you're calling from and ask them to support the Santorum-Durbin Amendment for global AIDS funding.

To make sure your voice is heard, ONE has set up a toll-free number that will connect you directly to your Senators' offices in Washington, DC. After talking to one Senate office, be sure to call the number again to connect to your OTHER Senator.

Call 1-800-786-2ONE (1-800-786-2663) to be connected directly to your Senators.

We've seen the difference we can make when we act as ONE - and we've only just begun.

Thank you!
The ONE Team

P.S. You can learn more about how to talk to your Senators and the important work of the Global Fund.
faith & giles!

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i tried to put my colorbars in an entry here for the whole comm, but my browser crashes way too often to allow me to do the html work necesary.

if any of oyu want some u2 colorbars that i've made:

one of adam, one of the fly, one of bono, one of the edge, one of u2 and one of u2 IN DRAG

feel free to im me on aim at Athamedea.

i'll email you the html :)