July 19th, 2005

(no subject)

Ok, I'm really unsure about posting this as I usually just leave the posts up to people that have exciting things to say. Anyway, I remember awhile ago there was a post about general admission and I remember a bunch of people talking about their horrible experiences, immediately regretting that I'd gotten GA tickets. However, I'm intending to put it to best use and suffer a few cracked ribs or whatnot if I have to.

I was just wondering if there were any guidelines or tips that I should know about by way of.... survival?

Spekkles sunglasses

I've posted about these before, but I think it was a while ago, so maybe it'd be of interest to newer members of the community... I was reminded today of those U2 pinhole sunglasses you can buy. There are loads of other designs too - different band logos, flags, all kinds of stuff. Here are all the music ones and here are some with an Irish theme. The full catalogue is here. I've never tried them, but they do look kind of fun. :)