July 20th, 2005

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Today's Selection is...

*sigh* "Miami" from Pop

I just don't like this song. And I had my hopes up for it when I bought the album. I'll give U2 a break, since they "only went there for a week." Nonetheless, half the stuff they say about Miami is wrong. I have yet to meet someone with a southern accent. The petrol is anything but cheap (fine fine, it was '97. Probably still not cheap though!)
And movie sets. What movie sets? Just a whole bunch of outdoor shots, thank you very much. Where the heck is Colin Farell anyways? Pink and blue suits? Nice shout out to Miami Vice, Bono. We all know what you were watching in the 80's. ;)
Image hosted by Photobucket.comAlright enough hating on the lyrics. Musically the song is different, slow and actually, kind of nice. Bono sings it kind of hauntingly until the very end when it turns to rock at 3:56 (Miami!!). Adam gets the award for being awesome and constant in the background. If there's anything we like in Miami, it's really, really, really, loud bass.

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I suppose you either love this song or hate it.
I would still take Will Smith's silly and stolen "Miami."
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I Heart Edge

I just read the article featuring The Edge in Guitar World. Man, I do not understand guitar terminology at all. Effects pedal meatball delay amps with shimmer on a Fender.... huhwha? (Of course you know I just threw a bunch of words together, do NOT expect that to make sense)

But apparently what makes The Edge The Edge is his use of delays in live shows. Anyone care to explain it to me?