July 22nd, 2005

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Long story short, I'm in search of U2 covering Johnny Cash's Don't Take Your Guns To Town. Anyone willing to share?

If you'd like to trade, let me know and we can hash out the details. (I have a decent amount of "rarities.")

Thanks in advance.
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Song Of The Day

Today's Selection is...

“The Electric Co.” from Boy.

Oh. What can I possibly say about this song besides the facts that I love it, and that it was one of the songs that made me a U2 fan? I love every single part of this song, from the hyperactive beginning, to the guitar “solo”, to Bono’s Bongolese in the break, to the… are those bass harmonics during the break? And of course everything from about 3:40 on, where no one has any idea what Bono is saying.

I believe that the lyrics from U2Wanderer.org are incorrect, therefore, this is my own interpretation of the lyrics. Today, the name of the game is: if you have the time, listen to this song. Decipher. What is Bono saying?

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U2 vs Lyrics Born

Wow, go here and check out "U2 vs Lyrics Born - Callin' On Sunday". It's Sunday Bloody Sunday blended with this rap track (Callin' Out), and it's just amazing how neatly they fit together!  It's hard to believe the two weren't written for each other.

Does anyone have the U2 vs Janet Jackson one?  I'm curious now!
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