July 23rd, 2005

my teacher knew bono way back when

hey everyone i was in syracuse taking a photoclass and my "teacher" (hes not a teacher but a professional photographer that teaches a class once in a while) well he was showing us slide and telling us stories and guess who he took pictures of WAY before they were ever known and were playing in a bowling alley...of couse U2 and if u were wondering the photographer was mike mclean (who is the greatest guy ever) so if i wanna check the photo out...and alot more other famous people check out the site) Collapse )

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Jenny Lewis - Smile


I was feeling creative/bored today, so I started screwing around in Photoshop. Made a little batch of U2 icons, so I'm posting them (and one I did a while ago) here for anyone who wants them. Comment if you take, please. Credit is nice, but not necessary.

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