July 25th, 2005

A creditable effort

I was up in Newburgh, NY yesterday with my boyfriend visiting some of his family. That evening he and I went down to the marina to walk around and at one of the bars I heard some guy singing. My U2 sense kicked in.
There were two guys, one playing guitar and one singing, and they were performing "I Still Haven't Found..."
The singing wasn't really all that great, but they get props for making me smile :)
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Song of the Day

Today's Selection is...

"Even Better Than the Real Thing" from Achtung Baby

The music in this song is great. It really is. Image hosted by Photobucket.comEdge is in top form with the guitar. That guitar break in the middle is beyond excellent. The guitar is screaming for a voice to sing with. I love it. Aside from that, I skip this song 8 times out of 10. I think it has to do with the harmony that Edge and Bono have. It seems so off to me. Don't get me wrong, I think Edge is a great vocalist, but I don't think he should harmonize an entire song with Bono. It sounds kind of sloppy. The lyrics are in that grey area where they can pretty much fit to anything you want. There's not a whole lot to it so it's really a song you can learn pretty quickly. I guess that's why I know the lyrics by heart and I've heard this song maybe 9 times in my entire life. Three times in just these past two days.
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I'll still sing the song like I did at a shopping mall when a certain restaurant *cough* Dan Marino's *cough* was blasting it out of their speakers. And then my friends told me to shut up. lol
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U2, U2 everywhere!

Welp, I took a trip over the weekend from Tampa to Boston and back, much U2ness around.

I DLed a Popmart boot from the YSI community the night before I left.  Much love to desert_sky who provided my soundtrack for most of the car-riding.  It especially helped me out on my trip to TIA, my dad drives like a maniac! I've had better rides on rollercoasters.  So I closed my eyes and went to Mexico City.

I would've continued listening to it once boarding the plane but.... they were offering Rattle and Hum as an inflight movie!  Delta/Song may be economy class flying, but much love for them!  I own R&H, seen it several times, but I still dished the $5 to watch it while flying.  They were also offering HTDAAB as a music/mp3 selection (free), but I went back to my U2pod after that.

While eating in downtwon Boston, "One" came over the radio, my brother was unimpressed by my rib-nudging and proceeed to slug me in the arm. Owie.

There was a nightclub called "Vertigo" took a picture of their sign. :-) I would throw in a picspam, but I just got back and have yet to develop the photos.

While exiting the plane back in Tampa, the kid sitting across the aisle from me said he "loved the band on my shirt."  He then gave me a look of admiring awe when I told him I was going to the concert in November.  Gotta love 12 year-olds.

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Jesus Christ U2

Jesus was a man who travelled through the land
A hard working man and brave
Well he said to the rich: give your money to the poor
Well they laid Jesus Christ in his grave

Halle - hallelujah
Halle - hallelujah
Halle - hallelujah
Well they laid Jesus Christ in his grave

Well he went to the preacher - he went to the law
He told them all the same
He said: sell all your jewellery and give it to the poor
But they laid Jesus Christ in his grave

Halle - hallelujah [etc repeated]

When Jesus came to town, all the working folks around
Believed what he did say
Well the bankers and the preachers, they nailed him on a cross
And they laid Jesus Christ in his grave

And poor working people, they followed him around
They sung and shouted gay
Well the cops and the soldiers, they nailed him in the air
And they laid Jesus Christ in his grave

Halle - hallelujah [etc repeated twice]

Well this song was written in New York City
Of rich man, preacher and slave
Well if Jesus was to preach what he preached in Galilee
They would lay Jesus Christ in his grave

Halle - hallelujah [etc repeated twice]

this is a u2 song
which album is it

anarchista c.