July 28th, 2005

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A new perspective

I posted here last week on someone else's comment that I did not like Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World at all....well, that was until I listened to a very different live version yesterday. Its from Zoo tour Dublin 1989 and the guitar (the edge) is very uplifting, a bit flirtatious even...and very nice to listen to.

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Songs you like, but others don't!

Just had to post it cause it's on my mind, lol.

Does it bother anyone else when other people have a right go at U2 songs you love? I know it shouldn't bother me because if you like something, that's enough, and who cares, right? But I was talking online to someone and she started on about hating U2's 90s stuff (ie, stuff I fooking adore and would have its babies) and and insulting The Fly and Lemon, and I just said 'oh right, fair enough', but WHY, when people know you like something, do they have to slag it off? I don't do it to other people. GAH.

This is so random, lol, sorry. I'm fed up though of having to feel bad about liking certain songs. :(

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Today when my friend and I were driving around looking for something to do, "Red Hot Love" came on the radio. I remember hearing somewhere that U2 covered that song and... that would be nice to hear.
Does anyone have it or know where I can get it? Thanks, it would be MOST apprectiated.
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