July 29th, 2005

for sale!!!

hello hello! here's your chance at VERTIGO!

december 4 - fleetcenter/whatever it's called nowadays - boston!

single ticket for sale! you'll have a great head-on view of the stage, and you're only the first level up from GA! but seriously, no matter where your seats are, you'll have the time of your life!

LOGE 6/row 15/seat 1

$180 is what i paid ticketmaster for, so that's all i want from you. it's a real ticket (NOT ticketfast), so no worries about being legit.

PLEASE take this ticket off me! i'm looking for some quick money, and MIGHT be willing to negotiate if you play your cards right. only way to know is to try.

e-mail me or comment ASAP, depending on when we make the transaction, i can only accept certain ways of payment! thanks! monte14@gmail.com
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Ok so this is sort of like the flip side of my post from yesterday (people who slag off u2). Today, I'm interested in whether any of you guys has successfully converted (partially or the whole way, dude!) someone else into a u2 fan? How did you do it? Was it a slow and painstaking process or did you do the more sensible thing and tie them up until they admitted Larry makes hitting things sound extremely sexy?

I'm kinda proud because I thought I was useless at this until I started sending a few songs to a girl I chat to on MSN who didn't really know them at all. I sent her 'One' first and then 'Stuck in a Moment' to ease her in, hehe, and she liked them both (and thought she'd heard them before as well). I told her about my obsessive lurve for Achtung Baby and now I'm sending her the album, a song every night usually. She's liked them all so far (last one I sent was Until the End of the World *pauses to sigh at the song*) so it's going well I think! And she only knew Bono, so I also sent her a pic and gave her a name lesson, hehe! I think it helped that the pic included topless!Larry and I don't think she minded too much ;)

That's my only success so far... I mean my best friend's had me copy Bomb and the 1980-90 Best Of for her, but I think she only likes the obvious ones (WOWY etc). We were in the pub once and Elevation came on and I got ridiculously excited, and she had no idea why. :|

Ha, I rambled. :D
SooHyun [UKISS]

Lookie at all the pretties!

themegs posted a few new pics of U2 from Kevin Westenberg. But I went to the site and actually had to size my computer monitor to access all the pics, so for those of you who want to see them but don't want to mess with the screen, here they all are. Hopefully. I'm pretty sure I got them all I went gallery by gallery, actually now that I'm thinking about it I skipped a couple because they were blurry and kinda bleh, sorry.

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