August 4th, 2005

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my U2 Zen Radio for the day...

100.7 ZLX played SECONDS this morning!!!!!

Also heard in the space of one 30 minute drive:

Stuck in a Moment

Mysterious Ways
(these two were part of the 'ZLX triple play which Seconds finished out..)


GOD I love living in a U2 town....

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I'm trying to find some high resolution U2 photos, and am yeilding no luck. U2 Take Me Higher has a wonderful selection of photographs, but few are high resolution.

Anyone have any suggestions as to where i should be searching?
[conan] - HP

Song of the Day

Today's Selection is...

"Numb" [Mike Hedges Mix] from The Best of U2: 1990-2000

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI love love love love love this song. This song solidified my love for U2. And it's not even regular U2. Edge is nothing shorter than godly in this song. While the original is great, it's got all that industrial sound to it. It fits, but it's lacking. This is where the "New Mix" comes in and saves the day. Bono sings a bit more in this one, and Larry's upped up his vocals too. (My favorite part! I blast it to hear him irregularly say "I feel numb").

Backstory: Edge wrote this song during his divorce from his first wife. The song really fits in with the whole Zoo TV era. Especially if you watch the "Emergency Broadcast System" music video. (Sub-par to the real music video)

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