August 5th, 2005

Introductions to U2

OK, so I have been reading and posting to many of my fellow U2 fans journals, and being as big of a fan of them as I am, I thought this is the perfect place to ask a few questions...

1) What was the very first U2 song that you remember hearing?

2) If different than #1, what song convinced you that you liked U2?

3) Name something about the song in #2 (or #1, if applicable) that hooked you on U2?

4) What makes you stick with U2 even though they have changed or evolved over the years?

5) What bank member do you like most and Why?

6) Where are you from and how much radio airplay does U2 get in your area?

I ask because of several reasons. The main one is that I have been asked and had to explain my U2 'relationship' to others that wonder why I talk about them so much as well as so highly. So, I was hoping to hear other fan's feedback on the subject.

Finally, I wish to thank everyone in advance that participates in this 'survey.' Please do not feel that you have to answer everything but the more information I can get together the better! So, again "Thank you!"
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Working titles

I was looking at some old websites and found a list of rumoured song titles from August 2000. I'd forgotten about some of these. There are still a few that don't seem to have surfaced yet...

Stir My Soul / Jubilee <-- became Beautiful Day?
Origin Of Species <-- became Original Of The Species
Bulldozer <-- became Elevation?
Sun, The Moon And The Stars <-- ?
Home (This Bird Has Flown) <-- became Walk On?
Tough (about Bono's father) <-- became Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
Yesterday And Tomorrow <-- ?
Sometime <-- ?
Love And Peace (soul) <-- became Love And Peace Or Else?
Stranded <-- ?
Always <-- Beautiful Day B-side
Summer Rain <-- Beautiful Day B-side

I then found some more on another site:

Busy Bee (seen listed on the Beautiful Day video) <-- became Wild Honey, maybe??
A Man's A Man <-- ?
You Can't Give Your Heart Away <-- ?
I Love You <-- possibly referring to the song they improvised once in Antwerp?
Full Metal Jacket <-- became Native Son / Vertigo
Lead Me In The Way I Should Go <-- ?

Also, what the hell ever happened to Novelty Act?  It was supposed to be the B-side to Stuck In A Moment, but was replaced seemingly at the last minute by Big Girls Are Best, and we've never gotten to hear the other song!
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it&#39;s a blue sky...

Song Of The Day

Today's Selection is...

“Indian Summer Sky” from The Unforgettable Fire.

This song is yet another one of the overlooked gems of U2 songs. The powerful imagery, cool bassline, pounding drums and The Edge’s clanging guitar all make this song into a very pleasant one. Not one of my absolute favourites, but a very nice song indeed. It never fails to remind me of autumn, which, where I live is merely a different term for “still summer, but more windy.”

The chorus to this song is very cool, and I love the lines You give yourself to this, the longest day,/ You give yourself, you give it all away…

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[conan] - HP


Spaced Out!
The crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery had a rock'n'roll wake-up call on their first morning in space - U2!

At 10.39pm yesterday morning, Discovery's bleary-eyed astronauts awoke to the sound of 'Vertigo' blasting through their space pod. It was reportedly a request by Pilot Jim Kelly.

Well, as the song says, 'Turn it up loud, captain!'

(As far as we know this is the first time U2 has been played in space. Unless you know different...)


I love that Pilot!
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Bono and Andrea?

I posted this at interference earlier today, yet nobody seems that interested/knows any more details.

"Die Musik ist für Sie eminent wichtig. Welches ist Ihr aktueller Lieblingssong?

Bono hat uns in letzter Sekunde für «Don’t Come Knocking» einen Titelsong eingespielt, zusammen mit Andrea von den Corrs. Das wollte er seit Monaten machen, aber durch die weltweite U2-Tour und seine Aktivitäten mit Live-8 ist er nie dazu gekommen. Für die Kopie in Locarno kam das leider zu spät. Aber wenn der Film im Kino rauskommt, gibt es diesen herrlichen Song am Ende. An dem kann ich mich
noch nicht satt hören."


Q: Music is very important for you. What's you favourite song at the moment?

Bond recorded a title track for «Don’t Come Knocking» lately, together with Andrea from The Corrs. He wanted to do this for months but was very busy with the U2 world tour and the Live-8 activities. That's why it's too late for the copy shown at the festival in Locarno. But when the movie is in the cinemas, the great song will get played during the end credits. I can't get enough listening to this song.


I love how the German-->English translation translated Bono to Bond. Funnily enough, After the premiere of Andrea Corrs recent movie (The Bridge), some reviewer said she could be the next "Bond Girl".

Anyone got any more information on this song? Anyone heard it?
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Pink Me

More randomness from the Sapphire Faerie

Random U2 tidbits:

I have a five year old niece, I'm already trying to educate her in the ways of U2. Alas, unlike myself, she's not a Bono girl. She seems to like The Edge best XD
My father wears safety glasses for work, and he has several pairs. Many of them are very Bono-esque. My niece got a hold of one dark red pair of these glasses, and put them on.
She came running up to me and said "Look! I'm Bono!"

Also, on another occasion, I had my Achtung Baby CD booklet in my hands, and she took it from me and started looking at it. And then she went "Boys aren't supposed to wear dresses!" XD

One evening, after dinner, my mother, sister, and I were all relaxing in the living room. My sister was about to go do laundry, and she had an empty laundry basket in her hands. We were all in quite a silly mood. Bear in mind that we're all adults.
She put the laundry basket upside down on her head. My mother looked at her and made a joke that it was a cage she had to wear to keep her from attacking people (think Hannibal Lector).
So in response to this joke, my sister started running around the room acting like a psycho. She ran to me and said "I'm going to kill Bono and put him in your microwave!"
I dunno, maybe you had to be there, but I ended up literally on the floor laughing.

My day today was spent interestingly enough... I spent the majority of it watching U2 videos, and drooling over the band... with women twice my age. My mother and her friend. It's just a bit disturbing.

And to top it all off... my friend Steven is insane. You see, for the last few years, he's had the nickname and screename "bno". It's his LJ name as well.
Since I've become a Bono fanatic, Steven has been complaining to me (lightheartedly) that Bono stole his name.
When I use logic to explain that Bono has been Bono since the late 70s, Steven insists that Bono travelled forward in time just to steal his name.
It's all rather mad. But I was very amused to see Steven using this LJ icon today:

**shakes head**
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Slideshow update

I posted last week that the Willie Williams slideshow at wasn't working for me. A few other people had the same problem. Well, it's working now (and I haven't changed anything!), so it might be worth trying again if you couldn't get it to work before.
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