August 8th, 2005

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Kasey Kasem played "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" tonight on his radio show.....heh.

Anybody know what's up with Negativland since their U2 debacle?

.....and since it's past midnight EST, happy birthday Edge. :)
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Today's Selection is...

"Stranger in a Strange Land" from October

Image hosted by Who else would win today but Edge? The short notes are so reminiscent of HTDAAB. Actually, it should the other way around. That being said, this song reminds me of a much more serious "Native Son" content wise. It's a politically motivated song, but I can't be too sure as to whom Bono is speaking about. Maybe all those who are being held captive by another country. Stranger in a strange land/He looked at me like I/Was the one who should run.
This line though reminds me of Beefeaters from England, so maybe he's speaking about British occupation of Ireland?
Waited a while to see if we could
Make him laugh

It's a nice little ditty in an otherwise ho-hum album for me.
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u2 plan for NYC

so as of right now i am going to take a road trip to NYC in november to see u2. i know how i posted awhile back about mabe selling the tix. but i just came back from NYC after a month long trip there. (i did play city of bliding lights in the air plane coming in) and after having the time of my life going to the nyfa for a month and living at the village and seeing all of nyc in a month from the park all the way to brooklyn. i am going to take a trip by bus to NYC from NC.
I am going to come into the city that morning. have fun during the day. go see the show at 8 (have no clue what time it gets out at) then wait around eat and catch the bus at 130am back to NC. I hope i can make it from MSG to the bus place.

So no hotel room or anything. a bus ticket round trip will cost me $120 in november

any ideas