August 9th, 2005

[Hockey] whip it real good.

The perfect song...

I'm here to ask you brilliant U2 fans for a little help. So, quick question...

When you think of U2, -or to be more specific, Bono- what song comes to mind? What strikes you as a perfect, obvious song?

Funny story: My mom is taking part in a drag-show for her friend's birthday, and she's decided to go as Bono, so we're looking for the perfect song for her to do.


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The independent web site reports that Arcade Fire will open three shows in Canada on the 3rd leg of U2's Vertigo Tour:

November 25: Corel Centre, Ottawa
November 26: Bell Centre, Montreal
November 28: Bell Centre, Montreal


*waits for word about who will open in the states*

Some random stuff...

Isn't it awful when you hear a great u2 song being massacred? It happened to me today. I was in town buying a birthday card and it's the sort of shop that plays... you know lift muzak type stuff? Dodgy sort of instrumentals of well-known songs and that sort of thing, really cheesy. Well, there I was, minding my own business and on comes a tune I thought I vaguely knew. I continued browsing and then - some terrible guy in a cheesy, drippy voice starts singing Miss Sarajevo to supermarket background music! Oh my God. I nearly died from either laughing or just sheer disbelief. I mean it was such a random choice of song to start with, and it was DREADFUL. I felt quite ill. It missed out the Pavarotti bit, naturally, and I couldn't escape because I had to buy this card! Seriously... Bloody awful. *shakes head* Poor Bono was done a great disservice.

Oh and the other thing was I said to my mum how good it was to hear the Stones doing albums into their 60s and commented that there's hope for u2. And she said 'well he looks like he's in his 60s already' (she meant Bono, my mother thinks Bono IS u2, I must educate her). Heh. Not a good day for B round my area. ;)

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Hey there! Today I saw a book called U2 Show (or something along those lines), but I didn't have time to take a good look since I had to flee to get on time to the cinema. Anyway, it looked really pretty and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it was worth buying.

And further I have a link where you can download the U2 Comic Relief thing. I have NO idea from when it is, but it contains Bono and Larry and I especially like Larry in this one. I always refer to it as the "Larry Speaks" vid.
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