August 16th, 2005

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Ok, time for something fun. I've just spent the last week and a half with no internet, cooped up with my family, and it sucked.
During this time, I experienced extreme boredom and so I consoled myself with U2, of course.

One night, whilst about to go to sleep, I started flipping through my Pop CD booklet, because I am such a PopTart. As I did so, I was commenting to myself about all of the snazzy photos within the pages.

I was amusing myself so much that I decided to share my commentary with you guys =D

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Right. That was more fun than it probably should've been XD
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Hey there,

i'm new here, i have been a U2 fan for about 3 years now, thanks to an obsessed friend.

I was just wondering...what's the cream of the crop for U2? like what's their first first release as U2.

For example, if your a fan of Radiohead, you know the first release was The Drill Ep...

know what i mean?
The Alarm - James

U2 Tribute CD

Was in my local specialist/2nd CD store in Ipswich at lunchtime, flickign through the U2 section and came across this ratehr bizarre tribute album called "We Will Follow" released in 1999 on Cleopatra Records (London). What got me was the track listing and acts on it a very strange mix of things .....

Heaven 17 - With Or Without You
Information Society - One
Front Line Assembly with Tiffany - New Years Day
Razed in Black - Pride
Dead Or Alive - Even Better Than The Real Thing
Spahn Ranch - I Will Follow
Mission UK - All I Want Is You
The Electric Hellfire Club - Sunday Bloody Sunday
Rosetta Stone - October
Die Krupps - Numb
Silverbeam with Ann Louise - Where The Streets Have No Name
Bang Tango - Even Better Than The Real Thing (Julian Beeston Mix)
The Polecats - Desire
Intra-Venus - Discotheque (Suspira Mix)
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We Will Follow - A Tribute to U2

all right, i said i'd upload some of them, but i decided what the hell - uploaded the entire thing :P

just let me know if the links run out (that's how yousenditworks, right?)

i also have some of the strung out on u2 songs, but that might take me longer to upload, as they are on my older computer, from which i have not yet transferred any of my files to my spiffy new compy.

that was a really awkward phrase.

at any rate, tracks, with some notes about which ones are either kind of cool or particularly hysterical:

kinda cool: New Year's Day, Numb (even more industrial), Polecats' version of Desire is really kind of neat, and for some reason, Where the Streets is kind of sweet. however, Dead or Alive's version of EBTTRT is just. i don't even know what to say, but it makes me giggle.

1. Heaven 17 - With or Without You

2. Information Society - One

3. Frontline Assembly - New Year's Day

4. Razed in Black - Pride

5. Dead or Alive - Even Better than the Real Thing

6. Spahn Ranch - I Will Follow

7. Mission UK - All I Want Is You

8. Electrick Hellfire Club - Sunday Bloody Sunday

9. Rosetta Stone - October

10. Die Krupps - Numb

11. Silverbeam - Where The Streets Have No Name

12. Bang Tango - Even Better Than The Real Thing

13. Polecats - Desire

14. Intra-Venus - Discotheque (Suspiria Remix)

thank god for cable. i shudder to think how long this would have taken on dial-up. and please let me know when these run out. otherwise, if you're not too far away, i might be able to do some postal magic...