August 21st, 2005

and the reason that you had to care...

Song Of The Day

Today's Selection is...

“Xanax and Wine” from Unreleased And Rare.

An early, or perhaps later version of “Fast Cars”.

I like this song and “Fast Cars” about equally, for different reasons. “Xanax and Wine” has a more “rocking” feel to it, and although it seems a bit more raw than “Fast Cars,” I think that the sound really works for the song. I love the chorus much more than “Fast Cars”s chorus, just because, well, it has more of a chorus. I love the way Bono sings “Xanax, and wiiiiine!” and I like the “Don’t you worry ‘bout your mind” part a lot more in this song, with Edge answering with “’Cause I worry all the time…”

Such a cool song. It's so much fun to sing along to.

EDIT: Thanks to zoostation, the song is now available for download at u2usendit at gmail. The password is vertigou2.

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Does anyone know if there's major differences between the "single versions" of Pop era tunes and the album versions?

I know there's a "12 inch version" of "Discotheque" on that single, and "single versions" of "Please" and "Last Night On Earth." I always just assumed these were edits and never really paid attention to them, but someone told me they're actually remixed and/or partially re-recorded...anyone know if this is true?