August 24th, 2005

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Y'know, I'm only recently an uberU2 fan. I fell in love to Slane, adore my Boston DVD. Rattle and Hum seems a trip into history. I recently acquired a Sydney ZooTV VHS. I didn't much care for it on the first viewing, I will admit. But I keep going back to it and loving it more and more.

And for a person who loathes fanfic/slash (sorry!).... everytime they play "Mysterious Ways" on this tape, I imagine an Edge inwardly-growling as Bono dances toward Morleigh, and I imagine him thinking "don't touch my woman, you bastard!" Even though... well I dunno when they even got together, but I do know they weren't married until a few years ago. Ah well... U2 grows on me more and more every day.

Now I just need The Unforgettable Journey, Red Rocks, and a PopMart concert...
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How likely is it that the boys are going to just up and decide, "You know, we kind of liked North America, let's do it again," near the end of the tour? I'm having some severe concert withdrawal going on, here, and can't afford to travel, though I'm seriously considering it...
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U2 openers....

Hey everyone!

I don't know if this has been announced here yet (much apologies if it has, I haven't been that active lately), but I just got the paperwork on my desk for the next leg of the shows.

Looks like Oct. 3-14th Keane will be opening! I've seen those guys live before... it will be one helluva show!

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This is undoubtly a silly question, but I guess someone has to ask it at some point...

Does anyone know if there are any good Sims 2 skins around of all the guys? I would love to 'play' with them a little ;)
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Song Of The Day

Today's Selection is...

“Crumbs From Your Table” from How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb.

Yes, City Of Blinding Lights was beautiful. Vertigo was energetic. But this song is the first song from HTDAAB that actually caught my attention. It was probably the guitar at the beginning, but as I listened on, I fell in love with the lovely lyrics and atmospheric sound. I love the “Hey!” at the end of the last chorus.

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Having opened at several U2 gigs in Europe this summer, Keane will do the same for seven shows on the upcoming 3rd leg of the Vertigo Tour this fall. The UK trio will open at all seven shows in Boston and New York between October 3rd and 14th.