August 25th, 2005

Pink Me

U2 dreams

U2 dreams are quite fun, and I've had a few. If I could control my dreams, I'd have nothing but U2 dreams, but alas, that's not an option. When I sleep, I either don't remember my dreams, or else I dream about something completely random, like making a cup of hot cocoa.

But as I said, I have had a few U2 dreams.

I haven't been a rabid U2 fan all that long, and my first U2 dream occured last spring (I'm pretty sure I mentioned it here at the time).

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The first dream is the longest/clearest. The second dream was probably better, I just don't remember it very well.

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The second one's probably my favourite, but the third one was good too. And it's nice and fresh on my mind, because I just had it last night.

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Right. I'm a big U2 geek, so sue me =P I think we all are anyway. **giggles** Now, I know more than a few of you guys have had U2 dreams too. I'd love to hear about them =P
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Song Of The Day

Today's Selection is...

“Spanish Eyes” from the I Still Haven‘t Found What I‘m Looking For Single.

I absolutely love this song. From the shimmering guitar at the beginning to Bono’s vocals. Brilliant.

Favourite lyrics: “I'd cross the world for green and gold/ But it's those Spanish eyes/ That get me home/ Oh, home again…”

This song is up for download at Gmail at U2usendit; the password is vertigou2.

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The "Complete" Joshua Tree

Since claudiathefish designated "Spanish Eyes" as the Song of the Day, it reminded me that (I believe) it was one of the songs in the "original", double-album version of The Joshua Tree. I'm pretty sure I have all the songs from those sessions, but does anyone know the proposed track listing? I'd like to make a mixed CD(s) for my trip back to NJ this Saturday. Thanks in advance. :)
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U2 is up for a bunch of awards at the MTV Video Music Awards, so does that mean they're going to be there?

Please say they're not. I really don't feel like watching that damn awards show :\