August 26th, 2005

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so... hmm. it's probably been asked before, but:

Bono's blue wraparound sunglasses. what brand are they?

i would really enjoy a knockoff pair that are the same, or are at least similar. the pictures of Bono wearing them are aplenty, but i can't find much as to the actual brand. i might have read Bulgari somewhere; i'm not sure.

i told my parents about wanting a pair. my mom thinks i'm cool and my dad thinks i'm crazy. such is life!
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go download the @U2 podcast now! If you have been frequenting this site for more than a few years, as I have, you will especially love this! Answer Guy is fucking hilarious! Even if you are new to @U2, listen to it. I feel like I am hanging out and laughing with old friends listening to this thing. Seriously, Answer Guy is great, so sardonic, so dry. Great stuff. fucking brilliant, as B would say.
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it's a blue sky...

Song Of The Day

Today's Selection is...

“Stories For Boys” from Boy.

This song is just so energetic, as most songs from “Boy” are, that you can’t help but love it. Major standouts in this song are, of course, Edge’s guitar riff, and Larry’s drumming. I love the “Ooo”s before the last chorus, and how the song just builds and builds until it just… ends suddenly.

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U2 tickets to trade

Hello everyone! I've been a member of this community since my first exhilarating experience at the May U2 show in Philadelphia.

I have a pair of U2 tickets for Monday October 17th to trade for Sunday October 16th. Both shows are at Wachovia in Philadelphia and begin at 7:30 p.m.
I have section 111 row 8 which are really good seats. I'd like to trade for similar 100-level seating or GA tickets for Sunday's show.
Please let me know if you are interested. I'd like to avoid the ebay sharks and just deal directly with fellow fans.
You can email me at Thanks!
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flame on

advice for a new concertgoer?

Given that 4/28 was my first concert ever, never mind first U2 concert, I was wondering if any of you seasoned congertgoers have any advice as to finding tickets? I've recently fixated on buying two tickets for Christmas presents for 12/19 in Portland, but besides eBay and the presale, I have no idea where to look (someone suggested StubHub). Are there any message boards I should be looking around on, or should I just pray that someone on eBay starts with a really low first bid?

Anyone from Vancouver planning to make that show, as well?
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Thanks guys!

Thanks to all who offered info on cases for protecting my lovely U2 iPod.  Today, while shopping for something else entirely, I came across an Apple store that I didn't even know existed and there it was: the special edition case for  $39.95 (not my favorite part).  For those who may be wondering, it's black leather with red stitching on the outside and red suede leather on the inside.  It's one of those that folds over so that the click wheel and window are completely covered when the case is snapped closed, and when open the window remains protected with a bit of clear plastic.  Plus, there's a clip on the outside for attaching to waistbands or what-not.  The shiny back with the etched signatures is visible but protected through another bit of clear plastic.

Again, not happy at the cost (I'm a girl, so couldn't help but think what that would have bought me in shoes or clothes or makeup), but it matches the iPod perfectly and has the features I was looking for if I couldn't find this one. 

Final thing is to decide if I want to give the iPod a name, and if so, what it should be.  A U2 reference is a necessity, of course, but what?  What?