August 27th, 2005

and the reason that you had to care...

Song Of The Day

Today's Selection is...

“All Because Of You (Alternate Version)” from Unreleased and Rare.

When I first purchased HTDAAB, I was strangely unimpressed by “All Because Of You”. Perhaps it was the nature of Bono’s voice on the “Alllllll because of you.” Whatever it was, I didn’t like it.

I fell in love with this version of the song when I first heard it, mostly because I absolutely LOVE the “My oh my!” And although the lyrics in the original version, “intellectual tortoise” specifically, are… endearing, I like the lyrics to this version more.

It's uploaded at Gmail: U2usendit, password vertigou2.

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7 tonnes 2 by  Nicolas Deveaux elefante

Any zoo members here?

I have a question, did really closed Zootopia to non paying members? Cause I tried to access it today and it says "access denied"
But I suppose there would be some fuss about the zoo being closed to non paying members... so the silence tells me I might have been banned, but wouldn't they tell me I got banned or something? Plus I don't remember doing anything bad.
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I didn't know there was a music video for "All I Want Is You".... but I saw one today on VH-1 Classic. :)

Too bad it wasn't on the DVD. Makes me wonder what other treasures are hidden in the vaults out there....

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There's a live version of Streets in which Bono says something in the very opening along the lines of "We raise our cups in a toast to god". I've been running madly about my house (and hard drive) trying to find it. I can't remember if it's just a bootleg. Can anyone tell me what single it's on, if it's a bootleg, or if I've simply lost my mind and it never existed?

I could have sworn it was the version on Please.
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