August 29th, 2005

Pink Me

16 icons =D

(I blame surfgirl83 for spreading the icon-making bug to me)

I got inspired, and instead of going to sleep like I should've, I stared making icons. But they're some pretty nice icons, so it's ok =D

6 Africa
1 Bono/Ali
2 Bono/Edge
1 Bono/Larry
4 Adam
2 Larry

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    Love And Peace Or Else ~ U2

Song of the Day

I'm gonna be an absolute meanie and play your surrogate SotD mommy for the day.  I hope everyone sent claudiathefish  any pool floatie devices they have, and to any other of our Creole friends, they're going to need it.  Best of luck, guys!
Now, why a meanie?  I know zoostation  is sitting at work about now, though she should be showering somewhere, I'm sure.  She could get to this post later in the day of course, but I have to join the slavedrive myself at 2 PM EST.  So I'm gonna scurry in and do this. *angelic grin*

Besides, my choice is related to their absences:

"Tomorrow" from October

I will admit October isn't my favorite album, mostly because I think Bono lost his lyrics notebook.  He left it at home, the dog ate it, something, he just lost it, okay? (And thus begins a trend!)  "Tomorrow" fits in to the pattern, as I find it awful redundant.  But sometimes redundancy can be okay.
The song is somewhat of a slight adventure into 'folk rock,' at least the intro is.  The U2 Bible (Into The Heart) explains the opening is Vinnie Kilduff's uileann pipes.  I'm not entirely sure what those are, or who he is, but it does give the song an Irish feel to it.  You can hear the band really start come in around 2:42, and fully on at 2:58 with steady drumming.  I suppose the last 2 minutes are my favorite part.

The lyrics are about Bono's mother, which could be obvious to us, but took him several years to admit.  "Won't you come back tomorrow?" is his call to her, as all of us who have lost a loved one might hope that they didn't actually disappear.  You can also draw the allusions to the civil war of Ireland, and the terrorist tactics from lines like "Outside/somebody's outside/somebody's knocking at the door.  There's a black car parked at the side of the road/don't go to the door."  A knock at the door is an open invitation to a bullet in the head, during those times.  It's odd how this correlates to a movie I just saw, with a line such as "In a democracy, even a midnight knock at the door can be friendly..."  Bonus gold stars to anyone who can tell me what movie.

So anyway, we all away the safe returns of Claudia and Pla, and hope all is well with them and their families, and the others in the wake of the storm.

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Fave Lyrics:
Who broke the window?
Who broke down the door?
Who tore the curtain?
And who was it for?

Extra links.
Apparently people are still in to those pipes.
This is the movie, but don't cheat and click my link and then try to earn your stars!

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