August 30th, 2005

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I was reading through an earlier thread here and I wanted to ask, what kind of music fan are you? Are you simply a U2 fan, wearing blinders, not able to listen to or accept any other type of music saying everything else sucks because our band is "like, good and stuff"? I know we all have our favs and our very non-favs. I guess I'd be interested in knowing what kinds of music U2 fans listen to, esp. the fans who are so biased and harsh. My favs are punk, industrial, rock, hip hop... but I like anything from opera to pop to heavy metal. My other very fav bands are The Offspring, NIN, Coldplay, Marilyn Manson, Hole, Greenday, Garbage and my other hero John Lennon.

I guess I am happy that I can turn on the radio and love more of the music than dislike it.

But, that is just me.

"Music can be transcendent, something that takes you out of yourself." Bono Vox
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U2 Goodiness!

Alright so there was plenty of U2 on my vacation. :)

First of all, I now like the song "Miami." Looking at Miami Beach from a tourist's perspective, the song really does fit the mood of the city. I must have listened to it like 5 times in a row standing in the bow of the ship. Really cool.

I get to the casino and there's a familiar "muzak" song playing in the background. I get close to the speaker and this buy is totally butchering "With or Without You." Ugh, he was so off key! I laughed my ass off and felt like crying at the same time. I know what bonoffee meant with the whole "Miss Sarajevo" thing. Awful.
Getting to Key West, they started blasting "Pride" from the top deck of the ship. It was still morning and my stepmom and I were the only ones really jamming to it. I sang loudly and obnoxiously. And I didn't care.

I was thisclose to doing Karaoke U2. But a) I didn't have my Bono glasses. b) They were openly mocking people. c) the contest was 21 and over. And I look 13.
They had a "Musical Legends Guest Talent Show" the last night they got us stuck out at sea. I so badly wanted to don my glasses, wear a leather jacket, fake an Irish accent and introduce myself as Bono and sing "Vertigo." But I'm a wuss. I did however promise myself to try something like that in a local karaoke bar. But I may be booed just for singing U2. :/

Anywho: "Pop" was the exiting Miami soundtrack. "Achtung Baby" was the sleepy time while watching for dolphins" soundtrack. "All That You Can't Leave Behind" was the entering Mexico soundtrack (with "Beautiful Day" as we were docking. Really wonderful).
Oh and at one point, there was an Electrical Storm outside at night and I naturally listened to Electrical Storm.
Why is U2 so....Earthly and overly wonderful?
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Song of the Day

Today's Selection is...

"Van Diemen's Land" from Rattle and Hum

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI didn't think I'd be needing this award that much, but Edge is a much better vocalist than I originally gave him credit for. It's not really a "whole U2" song cause it's just Edge, his guitar and the universe. For an explanation of song: Van Diemen's Land is now known as Tasmania, an island off Austrailia. Click the link for more details. Aww...U2 got a wikipedia mention. It's so greatly written, cause it really does have this "Amazing Grace" vibe to it. Like, if you could, you could picture people in a boat singing it while being carted off to Van Diemen's Land.
I kinda wish they would have done a full band thing. Nothing too big, but some background drums and a low bass could make the sound Espcially if Bono does some background vocals.

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Guys, seriously keep claudiathefish and all our other Alabama/Louisiana/Mississippi members in your prayers/thoughts. Katrina totally toppled Andrew in terms of devastation, and that's something awful.
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U2 is love


from rolling stone daily:
HANSON will release their live album, "Live and Electric," which features covers of
RADIOHEAD's "Optimistic" and U2's "In a Little While," on October 11th.

that scares me.


I know we've done U2 tribute bands before but I wanted to give a mention about this one. They're Australian and I was lucky to catch their show twice over the past few weeks, one full on and the other acoustic. LJ cuts for your browsing convenience:

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Just to make a very slight point.

You know, because I can.

Some of the most popular and newer bands at the moment have not only given credit to U2 for the doors they opened in the past but have also given credit to their work (albums/songs/tours/videos) to U2 and their ideas.

So it's not really all that far-fetched to say that some of the music and bands out there today are copying U2. Whether you appreciate that bands music or not is entirely your choice.

But it's been a spoken fact among bands such as Green Day, The Killers, Razor Light and Coldplay that U2 is a huge influence on the road and in the studio.
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Hi, I'm sorry if this is considered "rude" or "offensive" to Bono and family, but I had an amazing picture of the Hewson girls with Bono and Ali in New York, and then my hard drive crashed and I have not been able to find any pictures of the girls! Does anyone have a picture of them? A lot of my friends are curious of what they look like, and I can barely remember either. Thanks!