September 2nd, 2005

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Until The End Of The World reinterpreted

Inspired by bonoffee's entry yesterday, I'm making this one today. Though this is an entry that's been floating around in my head for weeks, I'm just now sticking it down.

The beauty of U2 songs is that they can mean different things to different people. They can be interpretend in different ways.

Now, most people are aware of the biblical references in Until The End Of The World. It's the story of Jesus and Judas, told from Judas' perspective, about his betrayal of Jesus.

But one day I was listening to it, and this whole other interpretation just popped into my head out of nowhere, and I thought it was just so neat. And then I went and explained this new interpretation to a friend, and really freaked him out.
He's not a U2 fan, but I showed him the song and told him the story of Judas, and then told him the other interpretation. He (jokingly) told me I was surely going to hell for changing something that was supposed to be about Jesus in such a way. So I told him about how Bono would molest the camera while singing this song in ZooTV. XD

Anyway, the lyrics, with my new interpretations sparsed in:

Collapse )

It's a bit of a stretch at times, but it mostly seems to fit. The versatility of U2 songs is so wonderful.
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I'm afraid to ask my boss for time off and I bought one GA ticket for the U2 show at MSG on October 7th. I am looking for trade for either an GA ticket for the 8th or for a show in November. I am willing to trade for an awesome seat as well. Please e-mail me at
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Just a reminder, for those of us in the states. The Saturday Night Live episode from last November featuring U2 as a musical guest will be repeated this Saturday (tomorrow night). Performances include Vertigo, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, and I Will Follow. The highlight of course, being the third performance (musical guests normally only get two) which includes Bono, well, pulling a Bono and running out into the audience to jump on people.
This'll be my third time watching it. I watched it when it was live, and again when it was repeated for the first time last spring. Gotta love insane audience-jumper Bono.
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ABOY single

I'm a bit behind on here, but I haven't seen anyone post about this yet:


"It's Official!

All Because Of You will be the fourth single release from How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb.

The new single, released in the UK on October 10th, will be issued on 2 CDs and DVD.

B-sides include a new version of Miss Sarajevo, recorded live at Milan's San Siro stadium in the summer, as well as an acoustic version of the album track A Man And A Woman.

The DVD features the video for All Because Of You which was shot by Phil Joanou last winter on the back of a truck on Brooklyn Bridge - with a cast of thousands including New York cops, sirens and lots of barely believing fans. Also featured is the video for the last single City of Blinding Lights, shot live in Vancouver on the opening leg of the tour.

Acoustic version of AMAAW?  Oooooooo!  I hope they don't somehow ruin it.

Apparently ABOY will be on CD:UK this weekend. Probably the video, as I'm not aware of them having done a live performance for the show, but I could be wrong... wasn't someone from this community there when they filmed the various songs?

EDIT: Yeah, the CD:UK website confirms it'll just be the video they're showing.
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Advice - or trade, anyone?


Alrighty, I have an awesome seat at what will be (amazingly enough) my very first ever U2 concert. It's Section 108 Row 2 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, for Mon. Sept. 12th. I have been looking forward to this concert forever and was beyond excited when I finally got such a great seat, after doing the whole advance-ticket thing, getting on the website at 10 am exactly, etc. (I knew I wouldn't be able to convince anyone I knew here to shell out $180, unfortunately... But I didn't want to do GA, and really just wanted a seat in the stands, relatively 'close'.)

And now I have a bit of a problem. I have a trial (I'm a law student) the very next morning. Plus there's a movie playing at the Toronto International Film Festival the night of the concert, with an actor attending I've always wanted to see in person (actually I don't think the movie will be particularly great or anything, but I used to have a slight obsession with the actor when I was younger...not so much now, but hey, he's still cute). I wouldn't be able to go, obviously, if I went to U2 on Monday. The movie, well, that's one thing, but doing a trial? *sigh*

I know, I know, I could always trade. I have right now an offer for a ticket on the Friday night - same section, but 8 rows back. It doesn't seem bad - same price level and all. And Friday would be MUCH better for me in general, it being a weekend and all. I'm just wondering if I'll really be missing out. As I said, I've never been to a U2 concert (or any concert on such a large scale - I've really only been to primarily classical concerts before), so I'm wondering what to expect... And I kinda wanted to be in on the first concert U2 was going to do on their 3rd leg. But I know it probably won't matter that much, right? So long as I'm there at one of them! And will it really matter if I'm in the 2nd row or the 10th row?

So, I'm looking for advice. Should I go for it? Or should I go on Monday anyway? Or is there anyone out there in LJ land who has a comparable ticket who could trade with me?