September 4th, 2005

Song of the Day

Today's selection is...

"Running to Stand Still" from The Joshua Tree

If there were a U2 Song Claim community,  this one would be mine.  No, I don't have a drug habit, but we've all been interpreting and re-interpreting and loving the way any U2 song could fit any of us in the way we want to.  So there you have it.
As I mentioned yesterday, I don't like the intro.  But it eventually strays away from that, and becomes a simple piano piece, for the most part.  Into the Heart, tells me that it's inspired by Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side" and Elton John's "Candle in the Wind".  At least musically, the lyrics are an original creation.  Bono's harmonica solo towards the end is very somber.  On the ZooTV tour tape, he's playing it and you can't see him through the fog, it's all the more creepy.  I think the simplicity of the instrumentation goes really well with the very heavy lyrics.  Anything else would be over-doing it, almost too much to take... to have to feel the pain musically and lyrically.  The song has a climax, but it's still very quiet.  This is one I can't wait to hear live, when Bono goes to town on the "Ah la la la de day"s.
The genesis of this song is pretty simple, and it's about heroin use.  There's even a reference to Ballymun, Dublin, in the line about seven towers.  The towers are actually buildings of apartments, and stand out in the sky as a landmark to the squalid conditions everyone was living in in the 80s and Dublin.  If the city has improved since then, I don't know.  The lyrics are sung in the third person, about a person removed from the guys or their relatives, so it's dedicated to no one in particular.  It tells the sadness of a girl who wakes up every day, and wants to get out of where she is, even if her 'one way out' is the needle in her arm.


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Fave Lyric:
You gotta cry without weepin'
Talk without speakin'
Scream without raising your voice.

Maybe this'll just be an every other entry thing.  But reecord2 tells us that WILATW's guitar intro is just heavily distorted.  As if I knew what that meant... O:)

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Perhaps a question from a FAQ of some kind, but still - what's the deal with that "Zoo" thing in U2 song/albums/whateverelse names? Where did that come from? Is there some story about why it's there?

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Hi! I just found this community, and thought someone here would know the answer to my question. I'm seeing U2 in November, and was wondering if anyone knew who the opening acts were. Have any been scheduled yet? I was looking on their site, but could find nothing. Does anyone know when they usually announce it? Sorry if this isn't allowed, but I thought usually you can find the most die-hard fans in these communities! Thanks a lot!

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Does anyone know of any punk or hardcore U2 tribute bands? I was wondering this on my way home from work.
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