September 6th, 2005

Puppy Johns

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School started last week and I'm already up to my ears in deadlines! I got a project due in December for my international communications class that sounds really interesting if I play my cards right, so I need a little help here!

Basically my professor is assigning a country in Europe, Latin America, or Africa to us, but he told us if we really have a preference for a country, we should email him this week. I have to do a written report on the communication technologies and structure of communication industries. But I also have to give an oral presentation using Power Point. From my syllabus: Your oral/Power Point presentation must focus on an individual or a non-governmental organization engaged in development/human rights work in that country. You may want to highlight a socio-economic or political problem which needs to be addressed.

Now immediately Africa and a certain U2 frontman came to mind. In addition to being easier for me to research Bono, I'd be more interested and would therefore have more fun with the project, in turn making it more likely to get a better grade (I love how my logic works). But my boyfriend pointed out that I could probably use him for virtually any country. So can anybody provide me with a good suggestion for which country to try and request before my prof automatically assigns me one? Thanks in advance! :)

EDIT: My professor emailed a differently worded explanation, if this can help anybody. "Identify a non-governmental agency or an individual or group trying to make a difference for the better in the country of your choice." Africa seems like a good start, so does Ethiopia sound like the best option? Thanks again for your suggestions!
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so, i've been listening to band aid all afternoon, and i'm thinking that maybe we could really do something to improve the african situation.
you know, like Bono, we could maybe create an organisation (with u2 fans:)) to raise some money that we can donate later.

just a thought*
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