September 8th, 2005

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Today’s Selection is...

“Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Temple Bar Mix)” from the WGRYWH Single

When I reviewed the original song the first time around, I said it might possibly be my most favorite U2 song of all time. Now I can confidently say: This is my most favorite U2 song of all time.
This remix of my most favorite song also happens to be one of my most favorite remixes of a U2 song. I’ll stop typing ‘most favorite’ now.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comI can’t even say what’s different about it. I think there’s a piano involved, maybe a tambourine? Extra drums? All I know is that the mix is ten times better than the “Temple Bar Edit” which butchers the song and tries to reconstruct it in the worst way ever. If I’m not mistaken, the "Don't Turn Around" part is removed from it. But with the Mix, the song remains exactly how it was originally made, only it’s ‘most favoritely better.’
Intersetingly, I was toiling between doing this song and another this morning and was waiting for a deciding factor. On shuffle, with speakers blasting in my car, this exact song came out.
Mysterious Ways, indeed.

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This song is available to download at the Gmail account.
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Courtesy of karlaane:

Williams College will be offering in its winter term a poli-sci cource called "The Gospel According to U2" (PSCI 11.) This may be the first course on the band's theological significance at a non-Christian institution. You guys'll just have to scroll down to the P's on the main site if you want to read the whole course description. Here's an excerpt:

We will also read serious theological and philosophical tracts on U2 lyrics and explore the band's complicated interweaving of faith, sexuality, grace, fame, doubt, justice, and the meaning of America in a way which makes them a surprisingly popular and poignant spiritual voice in our superficial and materialistic age.... How does a band which quotes psalms at the Super Bowl and routinely stirs millions at its concerts to chant an Old Testament lament ("how long? how long?") get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? ...Is U2 following the Church, leading it or rivaling it? How far can you go with a red guitar, three chords and the truth?

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Does anyone have "Children of the Revolution" from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack? If so would you be willing to upload it and share? A friend said that I gotta hear Bono in it, so yeah.



First off: I'm baaaaaaack! You all missed me and my wonderful insights, right? *watches the tumbleweed roll past* Ah well, it was worth a shot ;)

Right so I had a boring holiday BUT I made a discovery that probably everyone else already knew. Because I tend to do that and end up looking blonde and silly. What the hell. If everyone else knew this already then sorry :p

Listening to Numb (Best Of version - for some reason Pop didn't yield the same results) through headphones, I was thinking, hey, it's cool how Edge, Larry and Bono all get a part in this song. Hey, it's a shame Adam doesn't have anything cause then it'd be like, a way cool group thang. But unless my ears deceive me (and they might well have done) Adam DOES! When Larry does his 'I feel numb' I swear Adam says it, like a beat later, it was in my other ear as I listened and I thought "that posh voice can only be one person..."

Yes? No? Was I hallucinating through lack of U2 for 5 days?