September 10th, 2005



Crappy AOL webcast of the Katrina concert started right in the middle of U2 performing One!  It would have been nice to see the whole thing, grrrr. It was done as a quite cool duet with a female singer, not sure who she was - sounded like Mary J Blige, possibly?

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"All I Want Is You" from Rattle & Hum

I sometimes think I missed the point of Rattle & Hum.  But if we didn't have that album, we wouldn't have "All I Want Is You," and that would be an utter travesty.  Like RTSS, I was amazed this one hadn't been covered yet.
Also, it's another love song dedicated to Ali.  Myself, I can interpret the song in two different ways.  Easily, it's simply a declaration of "you are all I want."  But sometimes, I can intone different meanings, if I emphasize the lines that begin "You say you want...".  So it can almost be a fed up stance of "You want this, that and the other... but golly gee, all I want is YOU!" 
The lyrics are very simple, but so is the title and the meaning.  This is it, all I want is you, and there is nothing else.  I'm not sure how much I like the orchestral ending on the album version.  In the shortened version on the single, though, I do believe Edge is cut-off.  So I put up with the album version.  I think it's funny when I randomly land on the version on the Best Of album, and there's minutes of dead air before "October"... I'm always thinking "next, please?"
My ear is not very good at catching Adam in every song.  Unless it comes from Pop or is named "Vertigo" I have a very hard time hearing the bass, because it isn't so pronounced.  It's sort of the same here, but I can almost feel his presence, drolling away between Edge's guitar and Larry's percussion, keeping us all in line.
Most beautiful version ever can be found on the Slane DVD, when it flows right in to Streets.  I love the way Bono hoarsey-screams "all I want is.... yoooouu-hoooo!"  (Only when I type it out, does it make me think of chocolate milk.)  The way he starts to bellow between songs is utter heartbreakingness, makes me cry almost ever time.

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Okay, so until reading the lyrics, I always thought it was "yooou-hooo," in every version.  Now I can hear it as "your love."  Thoughts?
Fave Lyrics: They're all so simliar, can't choose just one.
Trivia: What movie does this song appear in?

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