September 14th, 2005


is it me or...

is coldplay's "white shadows" (from X & Y)totally reminiscent of early U2?

particuarly a combination between boy and unforgettable fire?

of course, you would have to know the song to understand what i'm talking about...just curious to see if this has crossed anyone else's mind...

Gloria from October

I was sitting in my dorm room about fifteen minutes ago flipping through channels. And I turned on Vh1 classic and I got U2's " Gloria" video from October. That happens to be my favorite song off of October and I just could not believe how young Bono looks. It is insane. Also I just got this awesome poster I waited three weeks for it. It is from War live in Dublin, dear god it is such a good poster. Every night I go to sleep looking at Bono!
Enid (my alter ego)


If this has been asked and answered already then I apologize. I was wondering who is the opening band going to be on this leg of the tour? I'm seeing them in Dallas and am curious who the opening band is. Is it The Killers?
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Dallas Show

Just wondering if anyone has a spare ticket to the Dallas show??? I'm not desperate by any means, just curious more than anything. I've looked on eBay and most of those folks unfortunately want a lot more than this penniless journalist is willing to shell out. So if anyone feels sorry for a fan of the greatest band on Earth and is looking to offload a ticket, I'm your girl. :) Huzzah!
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