September 16th, 2005


I went to the U2 show at the ACC the other night. It was my first time seeing U2 after following them for the past 7 years and I was absolutely blown away. I keep on replaying little segments of it over and over in my head.

So, basically, the purpose of this post was to get some help from you guys. How would a fan such as myself go about finding a bootleg for download from the show I attended? I remember some French website that I used to frequent that would host shows, but I forget the URL.

So, any help in finding a download of the Sept 14th show would be IMENSELY appreciated!

Thank you in advance :)
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Best website for U2 tabs and chords?

I'm being awfully needy today and I'm sorry, but this is an awfully intense U2 fix that I'm on lately.

Mxtabs and most universal guitar sites are incredibly flawed.

Thank you so so so so much.
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All of this U2 VS Coldplay drama has inspired me. I'm gonna pitch this idea to Kroq, ok? It's going to be called "U2 or Coldplay", and what happens is the DJ will have a contest to win tickets for something like Hanson concerts or a Kroq handbag or something. The DJ will play a very, very short clip, no longer than 1 second, and it'll be a clip from either a Coldplay song or a U2 song and if caller #106.7 (or so) can guess correctly, they win! I think it'll be a challenge.