September 20th, 2005

Sat Sept 24 - PANIC - retro party with U2 Fest (Toronto)

This Saturday ,September 24, check out PANIC: the ultimate retro party with U2 Fest. This month the backroom is hosting U2 Fest with DJ Griz, who is not only the biggest U2 fan in Toronto, but also a great DJ. If you are a fan of U2 you must attend this night. The mainroom will be a mix of alternative retro spun by DJ Lazarus. PANIC is not your typical retro night. PANIC is fresh and fun without playing all the cliche retro you hear at other nights.

PANIC: the ultimate retro party
Funhaus - 526 Queen St W. (Toronto)
10pm-4am 19+ event
FREE before 11pm $5 after

Mainroom: DJ Lazarus (alternative retro, early 90's retro, retro brit pop, and a few chessey one hit wonders for fun)
Backroom: U2 Fest with DJ Griz (U2 music and videos all night long)

u2 @ pj

last night Pearl Jam played at the ACC. Eddie Vedder had joined Bono on stage on Saturday and yesterday Bono returned the favour, joining the boys with 'Rocking in The Free World'. It was really awesome. Eddie also sang a portion of 'A Sort of a Homecoming' and talked about how fantastic of a song 'Bad' is. Edge & Larry where at the show too, you could see them sitting off stage. Pearl Jam released official bootlegs of every show and I'm not sure if Bono will let them use the part that he sang on, I'll update y'all on that later.

A pair of photos after the cut (and no I didn't take them, they came from the bootleg)

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Desperate for tickets!

Alright guys, here's the deal. Ever since I heard that Patti Smith is opening for U2 in NYC in November, I've been desperate for tickets. (It's pretty much my dream concert.) Since you guys always know everything, I have a couple of questions for ya:

1. Are there any good places to get tickets online at face value - sold by the fans? (I've been looking in the forum at Interference, but I'm sure there's other sites I could be browsing.) Failing that, has anyone bought tickets from a site that hasn't screwed them over too badly?

2. How are the behind-the-stage tickets? I noticed those tend to go for cheaper, and I want to make sure that they're worth it. I've heard that they're great seats when you're on the first level, but I want confirmation.

3. Anyone here selling any tickets for these shows? That would make life a lot easier!

Thanks in advance for your advice everybody!