October 1st, 2005

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So, unlike a good portion of the people here, I am only 15, and I can't drive, and won't be for at least 8 months.

How about 3 cheers for a bicycle?! HECK YES.

So picture this:

It's the first day of October, a new month. It's 4 o'clock in the afternoon and you're riding your bike down a 4-mile strip of road right along the shoreline. It's October, the once packed streets are not totally deserted; all of the tourists have gone home. The sun sun is just starting to set, but the sky remains a brilliant blue, and it's completely and utterly cloudless. It's cold out, but the sun warms you just enough to keep you comfortable. You blast your U2pod as loud as it goes, and it burns your ear drums. It's just you, the music, and the road. The chorus to "City of Blinding Lights" fills you up and you can't remember the words to the song even though you know them all by heart on any given day. The only words that ring through your ears are "freedom." You are pedaling so fast that your calves burn with the lack of oxygen. But you can't slow down - you are biking to the beat of the music, because right then, you ARE the music. You are one.

And that was my day. :)

Just thought I'd share, it all just felt so perfect, you know?
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Track-by-track comparisons: #7

Wow, yesterday's poll was by far the closest yet... in fact we still don't have a clear winner!  At the moment, So Cruel and In A Little While are tying for the lead, and Red Hill Mining Town is only 3 votes behind. I'm thrilled that it's my top three choices that are fighting it out - maybe they're all winners! :)  I'm pleasantly surprised by just how many votes In A Little While has been getting... I know *I* adore it, but I had no idea it was quite this popular. Feel free to keep voting if you haven't already done so - I'll check back at the end of the series and see what the final result was. Will anybody vote for 4th Of July?!

Today: which U2 song puts you in seventh heaven?

Poll #581237 Best track #7

What's the best track #7 on a U2 album?

The Ocean
Two Hearts Beat As One
In God's Country
Freedom For My People
The Fly
Some Days Are Better Than Others
Wild Honey
A Man And A Woman
(I did consider skipping past Freedom For My People since it isn't actually U2, but meh, that would totally change the rules and defeat the object of the track-by-track comparisons. So it's there. I wonder if anyone will vote for it!!)
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Hello everyone..

Hi just stumbled onto this journal online, and am very glad I found it.

This year I am going to my first concert ever, and it happens to be U2. I have loved them for a little over ten years. I am 32, so got into them kinda late.

I can not believe I am going to see them. Our seats are not great, but I don;t care..it will be the best time I have ever had.

Anyway lovely to meet you all and I look forward to discussing and learning more about U2 with you all.
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GA question

This may have been asked and answered before, but I was wondering...those of you who have been to third leg shows, how does the ellipse work this time around? Are they still doing the scan and wristband system? If so, is it the same system as was used on the first leg?

And is anyone here going to NYC 2?
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