October 2nd, 2005

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Hi, guys. I was just wondering, since there was just a question about this a little bit ago - how do you all feel about the GA system this tour as opposed to during Elevation? I'm specifically wondering about what people's thoughts are about getting into the ellipse, and the fact that it is by random selection.

I just had my first U2 GA experience in Milwaukee last Sunday, and didn't get in. I was on the rail outside the walkway, and was surprised at how awesome my spot was even though I wasn't one of the cool kids in the ellipse. :)

Anyway, I don't remember it being discussed much here lately, so I was curious since I was talking about it a little with the guy I ended up standing next to (who was great - U2 fans [for the most part] rock so much!). It may have been extensively talked about at the beginning of the first leg, but I wasn't paying much attention since I was so depressed about not getting tickets at all at that point - luckily it all worked out later, yays. I apologize if it's been beaten to death!
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Question re: Elipse

I have seen U2 twice before, but always from WAAAAYYYYY back. This year, I have my general admission tickets this year (YAY!) and I would like to know how that whole thing works. Everytime I think about being so close to them I get crazy!




Today's Song of the Day is: Fire from October
I had trouble picking a song for today's entry, so I put iTunes on shuffle and picked the first U2 song that came up (which didn't take long..my collection is about 99% U2 ha). Interesting, because I just noticed that we are jumping into the month of October. Perhaps iTunes and U2 were trying to remind me. :)
Generally, I find October a little boring. It's very scattered to me, and sometimes lacks in lyrics. I know that there is a good reason for the lack in lyrics, but it still bothers me a little. The beginning of this song is pretty interesting, actually. The light "ahhhh" sounds and then bam! the "AH!" of Bono. For me, that's the only highlight of the song. I just don't get a good vibe from this song. I find the lyrics typical of other songs on the album, the music is good enough, but I think the repetition of words and generally boring lyrics take away from a lot of the song. The guitar solo from about 2:02-2:18 brings it back for me for about 16 seconds. The Edge should get props for this song, just because of that little break. Is this the worst song on October? No. Is it the best? In my opinion, no. Do I like the album in general? No. Would I vote the album off the island first? Oddly enough, no. I have some sort of love/hate relationship with October. I generally don't listen to it that often, but, there are times when it comes up on shuffle and I'm generally pleased to hear something. Sophomore albums are difficult anyway, and recently I saw the lead singer of The Killers in an interview, saying that Bono told him to "spare everyone an "exploratory" second album", or something to the same affect, which made me smile.
I'm glad Bono got his lyrics back in the briefcase earlier this year, and I'd be interested to see the original version of a lot of these songs. I wouldn't want a re-record of October (or any album, for that matter!!), but some just being able to SEE what the original was intended to be would satisfy me.

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I just blew 437$ buying GA tickets for Oct. 4th. I know they're worth it, but I'm afraid my Overnight Priority shipping won't get here overnight. I've heard some pretty bad stories about FedEx. Tell me everything is going to be okay?

Also, what's the deal with the U2.com GA line? What's the difference? And what are the U2.com member only areas I see at the shows? I'm curious because I am a member.
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concert stuff

I'm headed to the Boston concert tomorrow and I haven't recieved info on what and how they're doing GA's to get into the bombshelter. Is it going to be the same as it was back in May? Just show up and get a wristband and number?
That seemed to really work well.

Any info is appreciated.
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Thank you all!

I want to thank everyone for their answers to my question about the GA seating. I'm going to the Tampa show, November 16, and I won't be able to get down there any earlier than noon (have to drive down from Jacksonville and I can't leave until I drop the kids off at school!) Please cross your fingers for me!

BTW, is anyone else on this list going that show?


Track-by-track comparisons: #8

So, Bad won yesterday's poll, with an even bigger majority than Streets!  Never saw *that* coming. ;p  The Fly was a very distant second, while The Ocean was the only track that didn't get any votes.

Today - what's the greatest eight?

Poll #581733 Best track #8

What's the best track #8 on a U2 album?

A Day Without Me
With A Shout
Red Light
Indian Summer Sky
Trip Through Your Wires
Silver And Gold (live)
Mysterious Ways
The First Time
Peace On Earth
Crumbs From Your Table

Sort of request/begging thing... lol!

I don't know if I'm even allowed to post this here but I've had no luck asking elsewhere so I thought I'd give it a shot. :)

Basically I was wondering if anyone nice would be able to do me a massive favour and copy any U2 interviews or TV stuff onto DVD for me. I really don't have much in the way of that kinda thing and I'm dying to see funny stuff and interesting things I've missed out on. I haven't got VH1 or MTV and I'm sure there's been stuff on those, and anything from America... I've not a video player so I can only ask for DVD and hope anyone can do it. Obviously if no one can I totally understand! This is just kind of my wild shot here. Oh and clearly I'd pay for whatever, could do it through Paypal or whatever's best.

Anyway, I've put it out there in the hope... My email is bonoffee@gmail.com if anyone can help me.

Thank you!