October 4th, 2005


My concert pics.

Sorry they're so big. I'm tired and don't feel like shrinking them all. SOrry they're so blurry. I was hoping around and singing at the top of my lungs. I also have a 41 second video of Vertigo, about 2 minutes of All Because of You (my battery died, popped in a new one) and most of Yaweh (memory ran out). However I'm not sure what to do with them. I'm not showing anyone ABOY because you can hear me singing in it. I'll have even better pics tomorrow because I'm GA X-D

Le pics.

Song of the Day

I am a sucker for themes, even if I broke off the one I was doing last week.  And thus, I declare....

Zooropa Week

No, I'm not being a total weirdo and forcing it upon my loverly SotD partners.  But my tracks this week will all be from Zooropa.   So today, I was late for work, I couldn't keep my lunch in my stomach, and was generally a craptastic person.  So la seleccion de hoy...

Some Days Are Better Than Others

I'm very pragmatic and post-modern if I do say so myself, and it comes off as uncaring at times.  This song fits my life philosophy, in a way.  It generally plays as background music, and I don't give it a second thought.  It doesn't make me feel better, or more depressed... it's just the way things are.  Today was crap, tomorrow my be better.  Today was stupendous, well, tomorrow could be crap.  Who knows? 

Bono describes SDABTO as a throw-away, summery fun kinda song.  But you have lines like  "some days you wake up the army/some days it's the enemy."  To me, sounds oddly like "vampire or a victim, it depends on who's around..."  So, from throw-away groove, to desperate plea, we have the same themes.  As Zooropa is one very unemotional album, with "Stay" being the pinnacle of emotion, it's funny to find such a link in lyrics. 

I'm  a pretty lyrics-focused Edger of a U2 fan, and Larry's easy to talk about back there all by himself.  Poooor Adam has been neglected in my entries.  This one is all him, though, as is most of Zooropa (and Pop).  The bassline is almost melodious, and during the verses do we even have an Edge?  I dunno, someone with a better trained ear back me up on this.  Edge is heard during the chorus, with a shiny-glimmery guitar part.  Too twangy for my tastes.  Later there's a distorted guitar solo that I don't much care for either.  It's all lyrics and bass here, for me.

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Fave Lyrics:
Some days are sulky, some days have a grin.
Some days have a bouncer that won't let you in.

Ain't that the truth?


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Track-by-track comparisons: #10

OK, there's a surprise - One Tree Hill *isn't* winning yesterday's poll. I can't say I was particularly expecting anyone to vote for the live version of Pride, let alone the majority of people!  Isn't it enough that the studio version already won its poll the other day?!  It's close, though - only five votes between them at the moment - so it could still go either way. Meanwhile, Another Time, Another Place only got ONE measly vote?! :(  I knew I should have voted for that one....

Today's is the last poll before we lose War, TUF and Zooropa, but we'll be carrying on without them!

Poll #583158 Best track #10

What's the best track #10 on a U2 album?

The Electric Co
Angel Of Harlem
Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
The Wanderer
If You Wear That Velvet Dress
New York
Original Of The Species
I can't take much more of this. Again, aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!
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Anyone fancy chatting over MSN about U2 (or anything, really)? I'm in the mood to get to know some people better! :D I'm 22, Scottish, Larry-whore (with Edge on the side)... Yeah, my MSN is in my userinfo, anyone feel free to add me and chat! Relieve me of boredom, y'know.