October 5th, 2005

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the tour openers this year have included to name a few.

  • dashboard confessional

  • kings of leon

  • keane

  • kanye west

  • damian marley

suddenly, my memories of smashmouth as the popmart opening band dont seem so bad...
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Upcoming U2 DVDs?

OK, I haven't been keeping track of what's what, so I was hoping somone here had information about the new DVDs coming out.

Amazon has something called the "U2 Music Box Biographical Collection", which is being released November 8th. Are there any details on this? It's really cheap ($10.49), so I am assuming it's not the concert collection we've been hearing about.

"City of Blinding Lights" is coming out on DVD October 11. I assume that's a DVD of the music video. I dunno if there is anything else on that disc.

I also read at u2tours.com information about the Chicago DVD, but I didn't see a release date for that.

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Well, I had GA last night. It was awesome, but not the best. I'd rather have Row 1 loge seats. Get great pictures without drunks bumping into you and obnoxious teenagers trying to wiggle past you. I tried taking some movies but it was impossible seeing there were a few people in front of me for the first half, and I'm a bit short. Despite this, it was a great night. Here are my pics.


Song of the Day

Today, I present...

"The Wanderer" from Zooropa

I must admit, the first time I listened through Zooropa, nothing caught my attention.  It was background music, to a fault.  I do remember this song catching my ear, and then thinking something was broken when the alarm noise came on.  Those clever Irish folk.

I was going to wait on this one until the Johnny Cash bio-pic came out, but it's Zooropa week!  And I'm impatient.  It starts of with our loverly Adam, in a really cheap (purposefully) bass sound.  Then.... what's this? *enter zoostation's Bono OMG icon here* Johnny Cash!?  It makes it a really anachronistic track, leagues different from Lemon and Daddy's Gonna Pay...

But, it works still.  It's almost as if Zooropa becomes a story-telling album instead of a concept album.  At the end, we felt like we've wandered through this amazing world that is U2.  So clearly Bono couldn't sing this reflection of a song, we need an outside influence.  The Man in Black and Bono had been waiting to collaborate for years, and here came an opportunity, both in song and time and place.

Much love to Adam and his bass sound straight out of PacMan.  I also like the background vocals, which I assume is Bono and Edge, but it sounds like more than two people.  Could Larry be thrown in there?  Watch out, here comes the alarm...

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Fave Lyrics: Probably the opening lines for the "OMG Johnny Cash" moment.

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U2 + Conan = live action "Li'l U2!" from Achtoon Baby (I hope)

Having read most of the articles that've cropped up yesterday and today about the U2-Conan dealy (it's even on CNN!), I've realized what specifically I'm hoping to see the most: a true splicing of Conan's wacked-out humor* with the charicature-able personalities of U2. Can you just IMAGINE the craziness of the sketches? And what if Conan latches on to some quirk like Edge's fascination with owls?!

(*= Did anyone see last night when he started dancing, jumping over the couches, making faces into the camera then rolling his chair into a corner and freezing for an entire minute when technical difficulties prevent him from starting a sketch -- which was just as weirdly excellent?!)

In other words: I hope that U2 + Conan = live action "Li'l U2!" from atu2's Achtoon Baby cartoon.

(Refer to the January 2004, May 2004, October 2004, December 2004 and May 2005 episodes.)

And in other OTHER words: Thank you thank you thank you Kelly for your amazing Achtoon Babys.

Track-by-track comparisons: #11

Ultra Violet (Light My Way) triumphed in yesterday's poll, seeing off strong competition from "40" and Angel Of Harlem. I'm *really* surprised Exit didn't do better, I thought this vote would be quite evenly spread out over several more tracks.

We're down to eight albums today, and it's time to vote on Amy's favourite number... 11!

Poll #583864 Best track #11

What's the best track #11 on a U2 album?

Shadows And Tall Trees
Is That All?
Mothers Of The Disappeared
Love Rescue Me

Opening act ending time?

Hey all -

Heading to NY for the 10/7 show - can anyone give an idea of about what time the opening act is getting off stage? It's going to be a tight squeeze to catch the train from work, and I don't want to rush unnecessarily, as I don't really have any interest in catching Kanye.

Thanks in advance!