October 6th, 2005

SooHyun [UKISS]


I can't remember where I read it but Bono had described himself, it was a pretty long bit of info and I can't remember it.

If anyone out there remebers it or knows where I can find it that'd be great!

Something like "I'm a blah blah blah cigar smoking, wine drinking, blah blah blah"

Yeah thats like all I remember.

Song of the Day

Dagens valg er...

"Babyface" from Zooropa

The early 90's, Achtung Baby, and Zooropa brought U2 to a different celebrity plane.  That of the supermodel!  Of course we all know about the Adam/Naomi relationship.  But it also brought along new friends like Kate Moss and Christy Turlington, who began making regular stops in Dublin.  So this song could be written about any of them, or none of then, but not in the way that you think.

Certainly I didn't understand the song until I read the lyrics this morning.  I had only focused on such lines as "Coming home late at night to turn you on, love" and "... let me untie your lace."  Uh oh, Bono wants to be frisky.  Little did I know, we must pay attention to ALL the lines to capture the full meaning.  Because it isn't really about foreplay, it's about television!  The mental image is supposed to be of a guy, sitting around watching TV *COpornUGH*, slowing the images, playing with the color and contrast, catching things in a freeze frame so many times, they become your best friend.

But the music plays it off as a love song. The intro is very playful, almost xylophone-y, the bass is more subtle.  It's one of those songs that Edge backs almost the entire thing, and I find that slightly annoying.  That and the "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba"s that invade later choruses.  I don't like them, I find them awfully uncreative, and more of a distraction than an emphasis.  Not sure what to think of Larry's drums, they're hardly there, and it's a very awkward beat.

Overall, a very odd duck of a song.  But the lyrics are kinda fun to look at, now that I have a new meaning.

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should I?

A kid I went to church with died today as a result of a gun accident. I want to do what I can and I don't want to do it in the wrong way, ie "that must have been so horrible. please relate every detail of what happened!" But I'm listening to Kite right now and it fits so beautifully... I really, really want to burn her mother a CD with that song on it.

How do you think that would go over? I mean, if your kid DIES, would you want some teenager you barely know to hand you a CD of all things, acting like it will solve all your problems? Then again, the song could make her feel a little better. Please give me your opinion on this...
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Track-by-track comparisons: #12

Acrobat blew the competition away in yesterday's poll. Please came second, followed by Yahweh and Mothers Of The Disappeared.

A handful of albums stretch to twelve tracks... but which song is the best?

Poll #584571 Best track #12

What's the best track #12 on a U2 album?

When Loves Comes To Town
Love Is Blindness
Wake Up Dead Man
The Ground Beneath Her Feet
Fast Cars
That's the last poll of the series - for tracks 13 to 17, Rattle & Hum wins by default. ;p  Tomorrow I'll do a round-up of all the results and then we'll have a "Champion of Champions" kind of vote...

Another request/desperate plea!

Just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to make me some sort of copy of this Conan O'Brien show that everyone in the US will be watching tonight, lol? I'll never see it otherwise and I'd REALLY love to. I just thought I'd throw it out there - I've asked around already but nothing concrete... I'll love you forever! Or, y'know, send you a pressie. I dunno, lol! An ABOY single? *thinks*

Um yeah so let me know... :)

Thanks x

Ok, I'm really out of it...

(School has been CRAZY, I've barely had time for anything and therefore haven't read LJ in...weeks...I really need to get caught up) ...but I just found out (from a commercial during ER) about U2 being on Conan tonight! And then I sent my boyfriend a bunch of IM's of "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", haha. You have to understand that U2 and Conan are pretty much the only things that I like as much as each other and I've been waiting for this for yeeeeeeears. So, yeh. Yay!
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Take this city's heart, and keep it safe.

Bono in a Red Sox jersey singing Yahweh. Sorry it cuts out right before the end. I ran out of memory. Sorry it's crap quality. It's only a small digital camera meant for taking pictures. I wasn't really aiming in the beginning either. I have more videos, I may post them.


Oh yes, this was the Oct. 3rd Concert.

I have videos from both the 3rd and 4th. However the 4th I was GA, and I didn't think the videos would come out so well so I quit trying after about 70 odd combined seconds of Vertigo and Beautiful Day. THey came out alot better then I expected (you can actually see the band) but it's so shakey because people kept bumping me.