October 7th, 2005

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I am kicking myself

Okay, so I taped the show and it didn't tape right! Ugh I could shoot myself in the head. Anyways. I am here to beg beg beg anyone who taped the show and can send me the tape! I will pay you!!!! I really really wanted to see it, I wasn't even able to see the original show, so now I can't even watch it on tape. Please can anyone help me? Please?!! If you can shoot me an email at sagura@gmail.com . Thanks so much! Sorry, this is also a comment on someone else's post. I am just really desperate!

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If anyone has the entire U2 episode of Conan ripped please please please contact me so I can get it :(
I mailed with the channel that airs Conan here and they said that they might not even show that episode at all because of rights and stuff so I might miss it completely otherwise. I'll be forever grateful if anyone can share this!
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Wallpaper time..:)

Okays, I haven't made wallpapers in ages and well I was extremely bored this morning and wanted to study a bit.. but then I found this picture in my school stuff" folder (i have no idea how it got there.. really *g*) and after an hour and a half of cursing and hissing I finished this crap:

The Wallpaper Thing // it may take a while to load, cause it's 665k (!!!) big

If you want you may use it, no direct linking, cause I don't really own the bandwidth I'm using, Thanks!
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Wanted: Pair of tickets for either Oakland show

Hi all,

I just joined this community (I admit I am not much of a LJ user...:) ) because I am looking for 2 tickets to either Oakland show.

I am trying to help my friend, who lives in Germany, get tickets to this show. She is a huge U2 fan and will be in the Oakland area in early November. As I'm sure everyone can understand, it would mean the world to her to get to see U2 on one of those nights. :)

If anyone has tickets to these shows that they are interested in selling at face value, please reply to this thread or send me an email at tvojanepervaja (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Thanks everyone!

Evil Me

Track-by-track comparisons: summary, stats and a Final Poll Of Doom!

Unsurprisingly, the winner of yesterday's poll was Love Is Blindness, by quite a long way. There wasn't much in it between the other four!

So here's the super tracklist you guys came up with, along with the winning percentages each song got:

1.Where The Streets Have No Name  43.2%
2.Pride (In The Name Of Love)24.7%
4.Walk On27.8%
5.Running To Stand Still24.6%
6.In A Little While21.1%
8.Mysterious Ways50.5%
9.Pride (In The Name Of Love) (live)26.3%
10.  Ultra Violet (Light My Way)22.5%
11.  Acrobat40.8%
12.  Love Is Blindness45.8%

Honestly, do you really need *two* versions of Pride in there? ;p

As you can see, Bad and Mysterious Ways were the only tracks that got half - or slightly more - of the total votes. The biggest landslide victory was Mysterious Ways, scoring 73 more than its nearest rival Crumbs From Your Table. By contrast, the narrowest victory was the live version of Pride scoring only 2 more votes than its nearest rival One Tree Hill.

Collapse )

Number of winning tracks on each album...

Achtung Baby: 5 (One, MW, UV, Acrobat, LIB)
The Joshua Tree: 2 (Streets, RTSS)
The Unforgettable Fire: 2 (Pride, Bad)
All That You Can't Leave Behind: 2 (Walk On, IALW)
Rattle And Hum: 1 (Pride live)

It's kind of interesting to look at which albums you personally voted for each time. Mine went Zooropa, Pop, Achtung, Zooropa, HTDAAB, Achtung, HTDAAB, Boy, Joshua Tree, Achtung, Achtung, Achtung. I guess that's not a bad representation of my U2 preferences!

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There's only one thing left to do now, and that's to decide the best of the best. Your 12 winning tracks go head-to-head in competition for the title of Best Track Anything On A U2 Album!  It'll be interesting to see how these tracks end up getting ranked against one another.

So without further ado, the FINAL poll of the series...

Poll #585528 Champion of Champions

Which song's the best?

Where The Streets Have No Name
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Walk On
Running To Stand Still
In A Little While
Mysterious Ways
Pride (In The Name Of Love) (live)
Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
Love Is Blindness
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