October 9th, 2005

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Hey all!

I was wondering if maybe someone could give me a bit of an idea of the stage layout this go round for the tour. I have seen pictures, but they really do not address my concern. Our seats are slightly behind the stage. I have noticed the curtain of lights, and my concern is am I going to be able to see the band from my seat?

If anyone can give me a bit of a first hand idea of what the layout is like, that would be great.

Also one more question. I know they sometimes open tickets up the day of the show. I was wondering if we could trade ours in for better seats if the opportunity arose, and of course pay the difference in price. Does anyone know if that would fly?

Peace and blessings.
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U2 is love

Bono pumpkin!

Because I got an email tonight from someone, wanting the stencils for the Bono pumpkin..
I thought I'd post here, as I did last year, and see if anyone wants them.

I have a Bono and Macphisto stencil. and someome last year wanted the Thom Yorke one, so I have that stencil as well.

I will send you either stencils, or both, if you would like them.

if you want to see pictures of them, i got the stencils at zombiepumpkins.com
(you have to pay to get the stencils)

if you want them so you can carve a cool pumpkin (the Macphisto one is so much easier than the Bono one), either comment with your email address and I'll send them. or you can email me at sexybono@aol.com

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First 2 nights at MSG

Okay despite the fact that I am sick for the lack of sleep, food, and cold raining NYC....U2 was awesome

Last night I WILL FOLLOW....Wild Horses...Mary J Blige singing with them on One.

My spirit is reeling...Meet wonderful Zootopians...and friends I made on the Spring leg.

Just unreal.


Taking care of myself today for the two shows Monday and Tuesday.
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Song of the day

Today's Song of the Day is..

Don't Take Your Guns to Town

Originally recorded for a television special honoring Johnny Cash, the song eventually appeared on a version of the Elevation single in 2001.  The band put a new spin on a Johnny Cash favorite, adding a steel drum/Jamaican feel to a country song.  The Edge's vocal back up is one of the best features of the song, as well as Bono's deeeep singing on the verses.  Bono added little additions like "Don't take your guns to town, son, Leave your guns at home Bill.." where the Man in Black simply left it at "Don't take your guns to town...".  Bono seems to love to add those little words in songs he covers, no matter who is present (Think "I've Got You Under My Skin") (this is currently under dispute..!).  :)  Nothing extremely groundbreaking here, but a feel-good diddy that came up on my iPod Friday and made me smile.

Enjoy the
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Jacques Champion

Final Poll Result

The people have spoken...

Well... it was the closest vote of all, and impossible to tell which way it was going to swing, so maybe we should just declare it a tie!  But the final count has One as the most popular track, beating Where The Streets Have No Name by just two votes. Taking the final step on the podium is Bad.

Here are the final rankings in full:

2.Where The Streets Have No Name  58
4.Running To Stand Still10
=Walk On9
7.Mysterious Ways8
8.Pride (In The Name Of Love)7
9.Ultra Violet (Light My Way)6
10.Love Is Blindness3
11.In A Little While1
12. Pride (live)0

Thanks to everyone who took part - it's been interesting!