October 11th, 2005


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i saw kings of leon tonight and they were fucking good. only complaint is that they should have talked more. any band that smokes while they perform are badass. them and U2 would have been fucking awesome.

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Bono Takes A Sick Day

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"4th of July" from The Unforgettable Fire

UF was the last album I got my grubby little hands on.  I even had the Best Ofs, so I knew of things like 'Endless Deep' and 'Bass Trap'.  But putting a lyricless song on an album? No, boys, no!!  Putting it before 'Bad'? Even worse!  It's like a two minute extra wait, and I've already been waiting about 20 minutes anyway.

No, it's not a celebration of American Independence Day.  Even if Bono likes the idea of America, why would they do it?  Adam was playing with a slide bass, Edge joined in, Eno recorded, on 4 July.  That is all.  The song doesn't even invoke fireworks, hot dogs, and apple pie images for me, either.  In fact, I'd have to say I feel like I'm drifting through space.  I feel like watching 2001: A Space Odyssey now.

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Pretending to be at The Garden for Vertigo

Well if you are a New York U2 fan as I am you all know that they are playing at MSG right now as we speak. I saw them in Jersey back in May what a night and I tried to get tickets for tonight but to no avail. Yet I am seeing Queen Sunday so that is going to be cool still not the same as my U2. But anyway I had massive amounts of homework to do in the library today but what else is new for a college student this time of year. So as I did that I put my Ipod on Vertigo Tour ( yes I made a list of their set) and then I listened to it while I studied. I was not there but hey at least I got to hear the music.
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OK. So did any of you drive all your friends crazy the closer it got to concert time? Is it just me? Cause I am pretty sure they are all gonna kill me before the end of the month. I cna;t help it though, it is my first concert and it is U2 which is f*cking AWESOME!!

So, was anyone else a spaz? Please tell me it isn't just me...I may have to join U2 AA
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