October 12th, 2005


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I might get flogged here.

I’ve seen U2 4 times on this tour. All have been good shows, some better than others.

Boston in May – the band seemed unsure and really working hard at trying to have a good time. There was more ‘Bono from the pulpit’ than rock from the heart.

June in Dublin – Despite the rain, the band seemed genuinely happy to be home. It was the first show in Ireland and while not the best (that would be the last show – the one I did not attend L ) it was amazing seeing them in their home.

October in Boston – It was the first time I got into the ellipse – so of course it was magical. As long as they were only a few feet from me that probably could’ve played the hits of New Kids on the Block and I’d be happy. The second night, they were looser and more playful than I’d ever seen. They were having fun. I was having fun.

But I’ve walked away from the 4 shows thinking this: it’s starting to seem like a movie with alternate endings. If you’ve seen more than one show, you know what’s coming next. You might get a surprise ending, but the body of the show doesn’t change much. Some would say that the show is geared for those who come to a show and want to hear their favorite songs. After being a U2 fan for 23 years and being an online fan for 8 – most of their shows are attended more than once. There are many of us that see as many shows as we can afford/handle. We travel to other cities or countries to see them. I guess I’d like to see more variety. Yeah, the light show and message are great, but switch it up a bit. I love Where the Streets Have No Name – but it’s starting to lose its impact on me.

This doesn’t mean that I’m not going to try to get tickets to the December shows. Or if they swing back around for a 2006 tour that I would sit it out. They just have a huge catalogue of music. It might be time to dust it off and give it some new life.

Anyone feel like this?
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summer reading

UK release of All Because of You

I thought I saw someone say that All Because of You was available at UK iTunes. I've tried going to the UK version of iTunes to try to purchase it, but every time I perform a search it brings me back to the US version of iTunes and only the older versions are there (from Bomb and the complete set, I mean).

Has anyone else successfully purchased the single + b-sides from UK iTunes? If so, what was your secret?


Song of the Day

Today's song....

"Scarlet" from October

I will give this SotD thing it's credit, the more I talk about some songs/albums, the more I like them.  The more I discuss October, the more I like it.  But it works the other way, too.  Some songs I thought I liked offhand, I really don't care for once I read into their history and discover the lyrics. (i.e. - "Is That All?")

"Scarlet" is still a difficult little song for me, but as I have it on repeat here, I like the music more and more.  The lyrics are simple (rejoice, rejoice, rejoice), so Bono only talk a half-day on this one.  There is piano work, which I love, Larry drolling away in the background.  What I love most of all about this song is Adam's bass.  It almost comes to the front, by being so predominant back there behind everything else.    This song also contains a Larry drum solo, heh, but not really.  Everything else gets quiet for a few seconds around 1:37, and Larry just marches on... to the beat of his own drum (oy what a cliche).

I don't think the lyrics posting is necessary.  You?

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LA - Nov 1 - Upgrade/Downgrade

Hello All!

In the mad-rush of the latest ticket drop, I accidently bought a
$171 seat that I can't afford. I really want to go to this show, but
really can't afford it.

If anyone who is going to the show and has one (1) ticket in the $98
seats (200, PR or GA (yeah right!)) and would like to upgrade as
well as pay the difference, please contact me.

the seat is PR12, row 1 (which is why i made a mad dash to buy it).

Ticket is hard and will be mailed to me and will be happy to
exchange the day of the show (to ensure sucess in entering the venue
as well). Cash only in the exchange as well, please.



darts of pleasure

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For those of you who haven't seen it, the artwork for the new DVD has surfaced:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Personally i'm not too keen on it, but i've not generally liked the art direction for the HTDAABera. What do you guys think?
Puppy Johns

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I wrote up this review of the 10/11 MSG show in my journal, and I just thought I'd share it with you all. It proved to be a pretty powerful experience that I just want to shout out to the world! I just copy/pasted from my own journal:

Wow... the second most amazing night of this year. Kevin and I went into the city this afternoon to meet Lee (leelee_cakes) and her friend to exchange our cash for two really great seats to U2. We met them at the loading area and we hung out there for awhile in hopes that the band would come out. Kev went to Sbarro's to buy us food so we didn't have to leave in case they showed. Such a good boy. :) But alas, my boys did not make an appearance. Then we all went inside to check out the merchandise, and I bought a shirt! It's black with silver lettering and it says "VERTIGO 2005 TOUR" on the front with the red target and "U2" in giant letters on the back. I like my shirt! Later when we were in the arena, Lee found us again and we all were talking for awhile until Keane came on. I want to thank Lee again for making this night possible! We had so much fun, and we definitely need to stay in touch! :)

Tonight's show didn't seem quite as surreal as my first one, but that first one is my baby and always will be. It was still fucking incredible to be at MSG with the one band I am clinically insane for. My throat hurts so fucking much, it feels like I have an ear infection. About 2/3 through the show I really thought I was going to lose my voice completely in the middle of cheering. But it was soooo worth it! Oh, and Keane was amazing too. I wasn't paying too much close attention to them, but I did enjoy their performance. Anyway, they weren't Kings of Leon, so I was grateful.

Collapse )

All in all, I can't say which was the better show. We had some pretty damn good selections tonight. But then there was that whole emotional high of the first show that I couldn't quite achieve this time, although it was pretty close. I didn't want to miss a single minute of my god, but I think we were having trouble connecting tonight. (Yes, The Man and I connect on a fairly regular basis, though he has no idea who I am. We connected at my first show, for serious.) In any case, I'd still see them over and over and over again, no doubt about that. And I'm just damn happy right now. :D

Also, I took lots of pictures! I need to fix them up a bit on the computer, but I do want to post them when I get a chance.
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darts of pleasure

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Another thing - it seems the U2 iPod is out of production now (according to victor_f at interference) and it looks like he's right, since it's off of Apple's website now. If anyone feels the desperate urge to buy one, I guess you should hop and skip over to amazon or something before they run out too.


U2 tattoos


I was just wondering, do any of you have a U2-related tattoo?

I was thinking of maybe getting something like a string of lyrics or a U2-related symbol.

Just a thought.
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