October 15th, 2005

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U2 song in a movie

Because it's "one of those things" that has no importance, but it makes you feel that much better to say it to other U2 fans.
I saw Elizabethtown today and in one scene, Orlando Bloom takes this roadtrip where he visits the hotel where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot (maybe? Or something? He stayed there, I know.) I wasn't paying attention because I was TOTALLY rockin' out to Pride (In the Name of Love) and so was someone in front of me and it made me feel 100000000% better that I wasn't the only one.

So yeah, wanted to point that out.
And go watch it cause it's a good movie.

Detroit question?

So - this is my first time camping out for GA admission. For everyone who went through Detroit Elevation: tell me everything about the Palace's policies! (For example, if I'm getting there the night before, am I going to be allowed in the parking lot, or am I going to have to wait outside by the freeway??) A bit stressful, isn't this? I'll see you crazy kids in line!
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Edge has a lunchbox!

For the Lunchbox Fund online auction, Edge designed a lunchbox. It's all silver and spiky and futuristic looking. (I guess Bono is right about him being from the future. ;D) I saw it in the current issue of People magazine, with Tom and Katie on the cover. There are a couple of other U2 references in it too-- a picture of Bono kissing fans through the window, and a nice quote from Jill Hennessey on Bono: "He's kind of my religion. I started off playing guitar in the subway and learned using a U2 songbook."
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Does anyone here want to buy a seat for the Detroit show on the 24th? Section 124, Row F. I'm looking to sell my seat for face value - $162.50. My friends are also selling their two seats next to mine if anyone is interested....
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