October 16th, 2005

i hate to do this...Phoenix bootleg request

I usually wouldn't do this sort of thing, but i'm (we're, actually, since this is both for myself and fellow u2 community member rainy_ramona) desperate after several tries...okay, here's the deal. We're looking for bootlegs of the Phoenix shows last April (14th and 15th), as we were both present at those shows (and front freakin' row on the 14th), and well...she's my best friend, and we met through Wire, and these were our first (and currently only) U2 shows together, so...yeah, it would really mean a lot to us. I've e-mailed several people from the u2tours.com trading list, only to have rejections and no-responses. It would be great to have a DVD/video, but i don't think we're going to get that lucky. Anyways, if anyone here can help us out, we would be very grateful. We have a few Elevation shows for trade, and we'd be happy to do the whole blanks+postage deal. Please e-mail me at ashe.grenade@gmail.com. Thank you very much in advance.
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does anybody have the "Stay (Faraway So Close!)" music video? i've always wanted to see it, but AOL Music and Yahoo! Music don't have it.

thank you!

U2 tomorrow night!! =)
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See the Sunlight

Pittsburgh vs. Boston?

Hey all, I have a question.

I've been to see the boys twice, once in Providence, RI (10/31/2001) and once in Boston (5/26/2005) -- my next show is on the 22nd in Pittsburgh.

How do you think a Pittsburgh crowd will compare to Boston-area crowd?

It's generally crazy in Boston with Bono saying things about how Boston is like home to them, and the Irish connection, etc, etc.

And so far I've found Pittsburgh concert crowds in general (at other artists' shows) to be kind of...subdued.

Anyone seen U2 in Pittsburgh before? Any thoughts?

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Today's Song of the Day is

Walk to the Water

Originally released on the With or Without You single, it reappeared on November 3, 1998 on the Best Of 1980-1990 B Side disc.  Pretty moody, unique, but nice. Reminds me of the album October, though I can't say why. Typical of b-sides (for me anyway) it's one of my favorites that will never be performed or thought of much...the lyrics are my favorite part.  It reminds me of snow, not because of the lyrics, but because I bought The Best Of on a snow day from school and the b-sides disc lived in my stereo for a loooong time.  I was willing to pay for the Best Of cd just for the b-sides.  I rarely set out with intentions to listen to this song, but when it comes up on the iTunes shuffle, I am always utterly pleased. 


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Australian fans!

Attention Aussie U2 fans :P

Bono and Larry are going to be featured on a program tonight celebrating the life of Oscar Wilde. Not sure what they're doing, but unless the newspaper is lying to me, they will be appearing; possibly giving readings.

SBS - 9.30pm Sunday


Larry MULLINS... honestly...

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